This is the path…


MUSIC: “Conscious” by Alexander Bell

It is only thinking that creates a sense of separation in this world. Ultimately, your state of consciousness can bring you two different experiences of reality. Separation consciousness, or Oneness consciousness. The first is created by thought, the second by Love. Which is real?

Well, you must ask yourself, do you trust your mind or do you trust your heart? The mind presents us with detailed understandings of reality, which often seem to fit together perfectly and form an accurate picture of ‘how things are’. Yet in actuality, this thought-created reality only exists in the mind. It is as if the mind has drawn a perfect map-like approximation of reality. But it is lacking the depth and dimension of true reality. It is just a map.

All you have to do to know this for yourself is to experience the alternative; the heart-based reality which we enter as soon as we turn away from thinking, and come back to our body. It has depth, it has feeling. It is deepened through stillness, relaxation, conscious breathing (meditation) and any form of creativity, like painting or composing or dancing. 

Once you are familiar with both ways of experiencing reality, you can decide for yourself which is real. Ultimately, the further you venture into the thought-created reality, the colder and more alien it becomes, as your consciousness gets isolated and lost in the conceptual clouds. On the other hand, the further you venture into being conscious of this moment, in your heart, the warmer your reality becomes, as you open up and allow love to flow through you.

So, with awareness of this, the choice is made easily because we all want to experience is the Truth of the heart. Essentially, it is our fulfilment. The moment-to-moment practice of staying with the heart is like using beautiful stones to create a living temple. Each moment spent in heart-focused meditation strengthens the temple of loving consciousness, of Light, which is the essence of your being. And it is so easy. Try this now…

Become aware of your breathing, and help it to flow more easily, simply by relaxing. Allow your breaths to be calmer and deeper than usual… let it be effortless… As this effortlessness soaks through into the centre of your being, your heart begins to relax. Continue to be aware of your breathing as you feel this happening, and just allow the relaxation of the body to take centre stage… Stay with the process of simply allowing relaxation to deepen and expand within you a space of Peace, of tranquility…

This is the path…


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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