Cultivating Peace on Earth


MUSIC: “Warm” by Alexander Bell

Many of us dream about living on a planet full of peace, co-operation, and collective happiness, and no matter what we may think, this is not such a distant dream.

Each one of us is capable of creating an energy field of Peace, which is transmitted to the world around us in a very simple and practical way. 

We begin with our self, with how we feel, with an awareness of our mental attitude and emotional activity. As we observe what is going on within our body and mind, we can see the degree to which Peace is present and we can ask the question, “could I allow there to be more Peace within me in this moment?” The answer is usually yes. 

How do we do this? Everyone knows how. We slow down. We slow down our thinking, slow down our breathing, slow down our actions, slow down our communications. As we do this, more calm is created and more space is created. And where there is more space, there is more awareness, more consciousness. 

We all rush along at such a pace nowadays that we always seem to have no time, yet we are being ruled by time. We seem to be striving for greater robot-like efficiency, at the cost of our natural human tendency for kindness and warmth. How can this be? Because we are not operating from a peaceful energy field. We are operating from a place of stress and anxiety, even if it is unconscious

When we relax and slow down, we become aware of the degree to which we were caught up in an energy field of stress. We can then become more conscious of bringing a slower, steadier and more grounded energy into our being, and then operating from this place. Our words and actions become more careful, considerate and conscious. We are bringing more Peace into the world, because we are coming from a place of greater Peace. It really is that simple. The more calm we feel, the more our actions and words are enriched with a peaceful consciousness, and people can feel this, simple by being around us, and engaging in communication with us. We are transmitting Peace.

So the only question you need ask yourself in any moment is “how much Peace is present within me right now?” You can then choose whether to increase the degree of Peace which you feel, or not. This is your freedom, but remember one thing: your choice matters to all of us. 

Thankyou and God bless, Alex.


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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