Let compassion be your focus


MUSIC: “The New Life” by Alexander Bell

“There is only one way forward to a world of peace and light. Fear and hatred cannot take us there. Focus on the qualities of the heart.” 

It cannot be taken lightly when we see the degree of human suffering on this planet. But be aware that you do not get pulled into pessimism. We are the ones shaping the future of this planet with our consciousness, therefore it is important to remain conscious of how we can progress, how we can evolve, so that we can be a part of that. We all want a solution.

Becoming hopeless or feeling powerless will take us nowhere. Is that where you would like to go? Only by responding to the challenge of our circumstances from a place of wisdom and trust, avoiding the pull to react from a primitive, fear-based mentality, do we contribute to the evolution of humanity, and we must evolve.

Evolution is the constant flowering of the most basic wisdom: to repeatedly choose the realm of the heart. To choose that your consciousness be upon the qualities of the heart; most importantly, Compassion and Trust.

Without compassion, the depth of our heart is not activated, without Trust we cannot shine our light. Develop your Trust, develop your compassion. Life is bringing us plenty of opportunities to do so. Our compassionate hearts are deeply needed by this planet, by the people upon this planet. Let this be your focus. God bless, Alex.



About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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