Envisioning a brighter future


MUSIC: “De Light” by Alexander Bell

It is vitally important to be positive and optimistic about life, yet it can seem very difficult to be so when we hear of the suffering and conflict that is occurring in many parts of the world. We can be influenced toward thinking that there is no hope for humanity, that there is only further suffering and destruction on the horizon. Such an attitude can only lead into misery and pessimism, yet we do not have to experience these states. Of course, we can create such experiences for ourselves through our beliefs and thoughts about the world, but these beliefs and thoughts are not real. They are merely conceptual understandings about what we think is happening on the planet. So what is actually happening on the planet?

Through the mainstream media, we are repeatedly informed of all the terrible things that seem to be constantly occurring worldwide. What effect does this have on us? We start to think of only these things when we think of life on earth. We are informed of escalating conflict on the planet, and we expect it to get worse, because we are constantly told that it is likely to get worse and naturally, we worry – we fear for the future.

But the good news is that we do not need to accept this vision of the future that is often promoted through the mainstream media, because it’s purpose is not to inspire us or lead us whole-heartedly into a beautifully bright future. It cannot do this. It can only lead us into pessimism and anxiety. Is this what we want? Is there an alternative? Of course there is!

Imagine if there was a ‘good news’ program which – rather than informing us of conflict – informed us of all the positive changes that are occurring over the planet every day. Imagine if we were shown how communities are coming together regardless of race and religion to help those in need. Imagine if we were shown the extent to which natural human kindness is working miracles across the globe, day in day out. It would surely bring us hope. It would surely help us to see that wonderful things are happening everywhere, in small but powerful ways, as people worldwide are feeling a deep sense of compassion and care for their fellow humans. This is the beauty of human nature, this is the hope for the future, and it exists in every heart.

Yet it is often left unrecognised and inactive, as people go about their daily lives wrapped up in their own personal worries, pushed on by all the stresses that seem to comprise day-to-day life in the modern world. Everyone seems to believe that there is not enough time; that they must go faster, become more efficient, get more done, and it is all at the expense of our humanity – our natural tendency for caring about others. We suppress our compassionate nature in order to be more ruthless about getting what we want, and in the consumerist society we live in we are encouraged to want so much. But are we really getting what we want? 

Don’t we all want to live on a peaceful planet? Don’t we all want to be surrounded by kind, caring people? Don’t we all just want to be happy and to feel fulfilled on a deep level? The answers are obvious, so how do we bring about such circumstances? Aren’t most of these things completely out of our hands?

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and what this means is that if we want to see more caring people around us, we must ourselves be a caring person. If we want to experience Peace in the world around us, we must become more peaceful in ourselves. 

A peaceful person creates a peaceful environment, and affects those around them in a very subtle, yet tangible way. When you are in a peaceful state, people will calm down when they are around you. Isn’t this a great gift to give to people? It is what everyone needs; to experience more calm in their being and integrate calmness into every aspect of their lives. Does this sound like a difficult thing to do? How do we do this? It is easy. Relax. 

Every anxious thought creates a tension somewhere in the body, and you have the freedom to keep thinking those anxious thoughts if you want to. You can justify to yourself that those anxious thoughts are important, but is it really important that you ruin your life with a troubled mind? You do not have to. Relax, and see what happens. 

You see, when you relax your body you are communicating to every part of your being that you are safe, that there is no threat. Because when we look at the threat that we often feel, the threat that creates such an anxiety within us, is it not mostly coming from our thoughts? Yes it is. We are imagining and anticipating something ‘bad around the corner’, so the logic goes that surely it would be foolish to relax and be happy in such a circumstance. Instead, we should be on guard; we should brace ourselves for the next disappointment, the next painful experience. 

This is how many, many people are living nowadays; walking around with a clenched heart, an anxious mind, a tight, scowling face. You can see them everywhere. Are you ever one of them? If the answer is yes, then remember… relax. Relax your face muscles, relax your mind’s grip on negative thoughts, relax your shoulders, relax the tension in your heart. Nothing bad will happen if you do this. Do you know what will happen? You will feel better.

You see, we spend so much time lost in thoughts that we forget that we need to feel good – and we forget the importance of feeling good. Thought takes priority, and steals all our attention, as if it were far more real and far more important than how you feel. But it certainly is not. Quite the opposite. How you are feeling completely influences what you think about, and how you think. 

For example, take a walk in nature, in a peaceful and beautiful place, breathe in the scents of the flowers, listen to the birds singing, see the beautiful things growing all around you and notice how much more positive your mind becomes. A sense of upliftment and positivity will be very evident in your mood, and in your thoughts. This is why it is so important to surround yourself with positive influences, in every area of your life. Why watch the news on TV, when you could go for a walk instead? Or paint a picture, or have a conversation with a loved one, or anything that you find uplifts you. This is what we need – upliftment. Do you need a television for this? Do you know someone who is uplifting to be around? You can also be an uplifting person if you want to be. In fact, it is your very nature to be this way. 

We are designed to be happy. Our physiology simply glows with life and vitality when we are happy, we become radiant and a joy to be around. We feel this radiance within our heart, and it feels completely effortless and completely natural. This is happiness, and we all know that we can experience it. So why choose anything less? There is absolutely no need.

With a state of happiness, we create a positive reality for ourselves. It is that simple. There is nothing that is ‘destined to happen’ in terms of global catastrophe or destruction because we are creating the future in this present moment. Many eventualities are possible and the future is in our hands, in our hearts and in our minds. Let’s embrace the power we have to create a bright and beautiful future, starting with this moment. 

Be happy and God bless, Alex



About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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