Bringing about Heaven on Earth


MUSIC: “Find Your Self” by Alexander Bell

The concept of heaven on earth seems quite a vast and perhaps unattainable goal for humankind, but really, it is not so.  Why? Because there is nothing we need to do to the world to change it. It will change – and it is changing – by itself. 

We do not need to worry about the future. We must only focus on the present, and focus on what we are bringing to the world in this present moment. Are you contributing to the harmony on earth, or are you contributing a state of disharmony? This is the crucial question.

When we are in a state of harmony, whether it be in meditation or simply feeling happy with life, we are attuned to the energy of the natural world and we radiate an energy field of positivity which affects everyone around us. Not only that, this positive energy, which is far, far greater than we can comprehend – is transmitted around the entire planet, and adds further light to awaken the regions of darkness that still exist on the earth (but not for long). 

So you see, your state of harmony is of paramount importance, and not only to the world, but to yourself also! You want to be happy, you want to be free, and happiness creates the greatest harmony. 

So how do you be happy? 
Again, this is very simple to answer. You stop the addiction to worrying.  You stop thinking and feeling in a negative way. These are addictions, compulsions that seem to very strong sometimes, so we have to increase our strength in happiness. We need to make positivity and happiness stronger within us than negativity and misery. 

This is not difficult, because the entire planet is radiating positive energy, and the more time we spend in nature, the more we are influenced by this. Our problem is that we often shun the harmonious energy of nature and choose a different energy – for example on the television, on the Internet, or in some other form of distraction that does not feed us in a harmonious way. These are choices we make, and when we become conscious of the energy we are choosing, we can make better choices, that influence our happiness in the way we want.

Food is another way in which we influence ourselves to our detriment. It is easy to nourish our body with life-giving foods; foods that make us feel happy and balanced; foods that satisfy us do not create cravings. So why do we not all eat this way? We have become addicted to ‘foods’ that do not create balance in the body; substances that actually poison the body and make the body struggle to be in radiant health. 

If you look at some of the substances which people put in their body – meat, sugar, alcohol, fried foods, indigestible substances such as bread, cake, pasta, dairy products – such substances do not give vitality to the body, they slow it down and they make it struggle to eliminate them – especially when they are consumed over and over again. And the result of this is a tired body, a tired and irritated digestive system. This will only create a tired and irritated human being. 

Have you every tried to smile or laugh when you are feeling sick? It is very difficulty! This is why good health is the key to happiness. If there is irritation in your body, it will be expressed through your personality. If there is harmony and health in your body, this will shine through your personality and you will be an inspiration to all around you. We all have this capacity, because we all have the capacity for good health and positivity.

The role that food plays in our health is massive – and society is very conscious of this now. It has become mainstream, with health foods everywhere. We are becoming aware of the influence of sugar on our moods and our well being. We are becoming aware of the link between meat consumption and aggression, as is so plainly obvious with alcohol consumption.

The consumption of meat is big topic, because there are many arguments for and against. So let us just look at this subject from a simple angle.

If you consider yourself a caring and kind individual, could you personally end the life of another innocent creature – with your own hands – just so you could eat it? Most people would say no, they couldn’t. 

What would happen if every time you sat down to eat meat, you could see an image in your mind of the precious creature being slaughtered? Would it not sadden your heart? Would it not evoke even the smallest spark of compassion for that innocent creature. I would hope so.

You see, any carnivorous creature in the wild must have within it ‘the killer instinct’ so that it can ruthlessly end the life of it’s prey, and by consuming the flesh of the dead animal, that ‘killer instinct’ is encouraged and stimulated. It is a cycle, in just the same way that eating a lot of green vegetable creates a sense of calm in the body, and from this sense of calm you will only choose to eat foods that encourage such a state.

So if you want to be a truly peace-loving person (and don’t we all?) then it is wise to eliminate that ‘killer instinct’ from your life. You will primarily notice it in your relationships, and also in the way you think. There will be less competitiveness and ruthlessness. Instead you will notice more harmony, more peacefulness is there. We must really experience this for ourselves, so I emplore you – for the sake of all the beautiful and innocent creatures who deserve to live in peace – experiment with a vegetarian diet.

Diet is obviously a major factor in our moods, our sense of calm and balance, and even in our desire to be kind to others. There are many other important influences also, such as clean air and water, exercise, sunshine. A predominantly outdoor life is the best way to encourage wellness and happiness in your life. If you live in a country where it is difficult to spend a lot of time outside, then is it not worth considering relocating? After all, if we are not enjoying our life, then are we truly living?

Does sitting at a desk, or staring at a screen for hours on end inspire you? What does inspire you? What excites your heart? You have the freedom to follow your inspirations, to follow your heart, to feel fulfilled on a deep level. It just takes a little courage sometimes to move out of very predictable and seeimgly ‘safe’ environment (an office job, and a widescreen TV when you get home, for example), into an environment where things are not so predictable.

 But this is where life gets exciting! We meet new people, we experience new things, we discover new passions in our life. If only we could just get rid of the comfortable sofa and widescreen TV at home, throw out the junk food from our cupboards, snap out of our negative “nothing good will happen” attitude, we might just discover what Life is all about. In fact, it is guaranteed!

God bless, Alex


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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  1. Let’s Flow This River of LOVE, dear Brother. ❤

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