“Kindness makes the world go round” (taken from the new book “How to Live in Love”)


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It is not money, but kindness and humanity that ‘make the world go round’. Just imagine if everyone in society shifted their prime focus from earning money to treating other people well. If treating people with kindness and care was prioritised over making more money, I believe we would all live in a much happier society. As it is, we live in a society where many people are living in stress and anxiety, trying to earn enough money to pay for all the things they want to have in their life, and everything keeps getting more expensive! So there always seems to be a pressure to keep earning enough money.

Trapped in the cycle of always needing more money, money becomes all people can think about. They worry about it frequently and it dominates their consciousness. Their life is full of stress, and they cannot help but release this stress in communications with others. They may lose their temper, or be very impatient and intolerant. They have become overwhelmed by the pressure created by their worries, and have completely forgotten what is really important in their life, what is of the deepest value. People. People are of the greatest importance in this world.

Imagine if you had no friendship in your life, no loving family members, no-one who showed you any kindness or care…
It is these things which truly enrich our life and help us to feel that we can cope with the challenging situations that life sometimes brings us – like serious illness for example. The love, kindness, compassion and care shown to us by other human beings is the most precious thing in the universe. There is no substitute. It is invaluable, priceless and we all really need it. 

It can take some people many, many years just to realise this – to realise how important the people in their life are. For some it only happens on their lonely death bed, when they realise they have spent their whole life pursuing wealth, success, notoriety. Yet they forgot to treat the people in their life with kindness and respect. They forgot to fill their life with good friendships. They forgot to nurture the warmth of their own heart.

So we should look at ourselves and ask if people are our priority. Not just the people we know, but the many people we encounter during the day. How do we treat them? How do we speak to them? Do we smile at them? Do we show any interest in them? Do we ignore them? 

Imagine working in a shop, and every customer that came in completely ignored your presence there, or they spoke rudely and impatiently with you and left without a thankyou or a smile. Even though you got paid for being there, the day would not feel so rewarding, and you may be left with a feeling of tiredness and dissatisfaction at how people treated you.

Now imagine if every customer that came in smiled warmly and perhaps said a few kind words to you, maybe asked you how you were. Just simple friendly talk. How would you feel by the end of the day? There would probably be a nice warm glow inside you. You would feel satisfied with the day, feel good about yourself, and feel energetically uplifted. 

This is the simple power we have to bring a happiness into the lives of every person we meet. Every person. Be one of the people that smiles warmly and says hello – to the shop assistant, to your neighbour, to the man collecting rubbish in the street, to your work colleagues. It doesn’t matter what role a person has in society, high or low, they are a human being, and every human being is touched by kindness. It is what gives people hope and it can restore a person’s faith in humanity. Remember how it feels to be treated this way, and even if you are in a bad mood, be sure not to spread it around the people you encounter during the day. Nobody needs that. You don’t need that.

What the entire world needs now is further addition to the strong current of increasing consciousness on the planet. People are become more conscious of the effect of the things they do, the effect of the things they say and the effect of the things they think, on themselves and other people. This is why meditation and yoga have become mainstream practices now. This is why healthy eating has become such an important focus in many peoples lives now. Extremely nourishing and healthy foods (and superfoods) are available now in most supermarkets, enabling people to make more conscious and healthy choices about what they eat and how they want to feel.

There is great cause for a positive and completely optimistic view on humankind and how it is evolving. But we all must realise that we have a choice of consciousness, a choice as to what we choose to pay attention to, and believe as true. This choice is vital, because it instantly influences your entire being, dictating how you feel and either allowing you to enjoy a state of harmony and peace, or not. The ability to make to correct choices for the benefit of our mind, body, heart and soul is the greatest wisdom we can put into practice in our lives.

Alexander Bell, March 2016

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