The New Book by Alexander Bell !


The new book by Alexander Bell

A Practical Handbook to Perfect Health and Happiness

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(1) Welcome – (2) Thoughts – (3) Emotions, Guilt and Forgiveness – (4) Punishment – (5) Why People Do ‘Bad’ Things – (6) Power – (7) Love and Healing – (8) Kindness – (9) Choices of Consciousness – (10) Fear and Worry – (11) How to be Happy and Healthy – (12) Meditation – (13) Time – (14) Habits – (15) Finding Compassion – (16) Habitual Choices – (17) Dreams – (18) Food and Digestion – (19) Healing Foods – (20) Addictions – (21) The Perfection of Being – (22) Death and Longevity


Welcome to this handbook, which has the power to transform and expand your state of consciousness in truly wonderful ways. What does this mean? Well, we all live our lives in varying states of consciousness. For example, sometimes our consciousness is immersed in thought; when we are thinking. This does not mean we are always aware that we are thinking, because often we are not. Sometimes our consciousness is so totally immersed in thought that we lose ourselves in it completely and forget what is real. Our perspective shrinks, so that thought becomes our total reality. 

This happens quite often. But after reading this book, it will happen much less. Why? Because in this book I will be helping you to expand your awareness beyond the realm of perpetual thought, so that you can see with greater clarity the beautiful depth of who you really are. You are not your thoughts, and you are not the person your thoughts tell you that you are. You are so very, very much more. 

This book is like a guide that will show you – or perhaps simply remind you – of how much more there is to life than your thoughts present you with. It will remind you of what truly nourishes you, it will remind you of your deep capacity for happiness and joy, and it will remind you of the truly beautiful potential that exists within each perfect moment that we are alive. 

Throughout the book, as you read, I recommend taking little breaks now and then to absorb the depth of the information that is being shared with you. There is a lot contained within these pages and within these words. If you pause every now and then and let the words sink in a little, you will notice your consciousness responding to what you have just read. If you give it a little space to do this, you will gain the maximum benefit from what has been written here, and from the consciousness that has been poured into these words. Consciousness will respond to consciousness, and realisations will come to you.

What exactly is ‘consciousness’? Put simply, consciousness is that part of you which is always aware. You could also call it awareness, and it is always aware of something. It may be thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, intuitive feelings, subtler energies in the ether or the peace, warmth and love that are always present, deep within the heart. Even when we sleep our awareness is still aware. It may be aware of our dreams or of other dimensions of being that we cannot comprehend with the waking mind, thus we cannot recall them. Awareness is eternally awake. It is the eternal flame that is never extinguished, even when we leave our body and depart from this material realm.

Yet, even while we occupy a body within this material realm, our consciousness does not need to be trapped here. It can move beyond and transcend what appears to be all that is real – the material world – and access the dimensions of timelessness, limitlessness – eternity and infinity. It is in meditation that we free our consciousness from total fixation with materiality, and every human soul needs to experience freedom on this level. Otherwise, we will never know who we truly are, how vast we are, how interconnected with the very fabric of reality. 

The radiant, intelligent, conscious beauty of the Universe flows through us. Truly, we are not separate from it,  and we cannot be separate from it because it is our essence. Separation is just an illusion – it is the dream that many seemingly separate individuals are currently experiencing at this time, but it is not real. The good news is that what is truly real is what our heart has always been longing for, and what has always known to be true deep within. It is everything we could possibly dream of and hope for, and infinitely more. This is why the ‘spiritual path’ – which is the path our consciousness takes to liberation from materiality – is such a beautiful path to walk. It is a path through increasingly radiant and beautiful dimensions of peace, joy and happiness. For me, John Lennon described this most beautifully when he sang, “Limitless undying Love that shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on across the Universe..” 

We are all on a journey that has no ending, because consciousness is infinite. It exists above and beyond the limited realm of form (which includes thought) where we mostly invest all our attention. And although infinite and eternal, consciousness has a deep intelligence that has a very specific direction it must move in. We are all moving in that direction in every moment of our lives, although we often feel like we are going around in circles. We are all learning and evolving, forever moving towards complete union with Love, where we will merge and become One with it. This is when the separate ‘me’ (the ego) disappears, and there remains only Love.

This is what is calling us on and on, across the Universe. It is like a mother calling to her child across a crowded and noisy room. “Come this way” she calls. “Have no fear. I am here. I will wait for you.” We are all finding our way home to our eternally loving parent, whose only desire is to envelop us in Love. We just need to listen to the beautiful voice that is calling to us all of the time. It is calling from within our own heart, and we simply need to remember to listen to it.

Because of our human tendency to get lost in thoughts, emotions and material distractions, we are often unconscious of our heart’s simple, beautiful and pure communication, yet it never, ever stops communicating to us. This is truly the best news in the world, because it means that all we ever have to do is stop and listen. 

This book will remind you how to do this, how to understand what the heart is saying and also how to become conscious of what your heart really wants for you. Most importantly, this book will show you how to fully return your consciousness back to the heart’s beautiful realm; the garden of eternal Peace and Light, where you truly belong. 

>> Download the full book now (eBook PDF) for only £5 / €7


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