Receiving Inspiration


Many people do not like the idea of meditation, or even the word ‘meditation’. So let’s call it something different. Let’s call it ‘inspiration’ instead. To be inspired you do not need to practice a technique. You just have to be receptive – to have an inner ‘yes’ to being inspired. And who would be foolish enough to say ‘no’ to inspiration!?

So be wise, and be open to inspiration in whatever form it may take. The beauty of nature, for example, is deeply inspiring. Heartful music is very inspiring. Positive communication with others also inspires our heart with happiness.

But if you are alone, and feeling uninspired, perhaps looking for distraction of some sort to occupy your attention, here’s what you do instead. Inspire yourself…

Go out into nature and just listen – to the birds, to the wind, to any of natures harmonious sounds… Breathe in the revitalising air, and feel the inspiration it brings.

If you cannot get into nature easily, put on some beautiful and inspiring music, perhaps sing your favourite song or dance. Or enjoy some creative process, like drawing, painting, writing a poem…

You never have to feel uninspired, because inspiration comes from simply being in touch with your own heart. The heart just needs a little stimulation sometimes, that’s all. Some people do this by sitting quietly and breathing, and bringing their attention to their centre, to their heart. But this is just one way. You can choose any way that you enjoy.

Let the following links help you…

• Download an inspiring free album of beautiful music

• Watch all of the inspiring videos on our new video page

• Download the very inspiring book “How To Live In Love

• Tune in to our deeply inspiring Ambient Radio Station

• Or read some of the many inspiring articles at

Thank you and enjoy!


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