Experiencing the Universal Harmony

By Alexander Bell


How can we fully appreciate Life if we are unaware of what Life truly is? How can we feel completely secure in this world if we do not know our true relationship to Reality?

Our primary purpose in Life is to realise the ultimate truth of the reality in which we have our existence. Once we have realised it, which is not as complicated as we may think – we can proceed to embodying it fully; allowing Truth to find expression through our physical being. In this way we are ‘activated’ and we shine with the divine radiance which is our birthright. This is our evolution, but without such realisation and embodiment we cannot evolve as we are meant to.

How do we realise the ultimate reality of this Life? Well, many people have already seen that Reality exists beyond the thoughts that occur in their mind. Even if we have a very deep thought about reality, that thought is not Reality. It is just a thought. And all thoughts exist within Reality. They occur, like clouds in the sky, and sooner or later they vanish, as all forms do. Only Reality remains.

So we must look beyond our thinking mind, and we must look in a different way to how we are used to looking. We have to allow our body to bring information into our awareness, rather than just our mind. Our body knows a deep, perfect harmony that we are intended to experience consciously and to enjoy fully throughout our being. It is a perfect harmony that cannot be put into words – only experienced.

It is like a taste must be tasted to be known, no matter how much it is described to us. It’s the same with seeing a breathtaking view, or swimming in the warm ocean – to know it, we must experience it and feel it. Therefore, it is not of the greatest use for someone to tell us in precise detail how beautiful something is, how blissful something feels (although this does inspire us and excite our heart to a degree), because it can make us think that we know it. But knowing is not experiencing.

What we need to be told is HOW to see the beauty, how to feel the bliss, and how to bring our awareness to the realm of perfect harmony that transcends all other realms. We must experience this if we are to live our life in the light of Truth, rather than in the shadows of doubt, uncertainty and illusion. Once a taste of Truth has been experienced, we will want nothing less, because Truth is perfect divine harmony. It is what every part of our being thirsts for.

So how do we taste the Truth? How do we remain in the presence of Truth once our eyes have opened to it? The answer is highly practical and not remotely theoretical. This can be rather unappealing to the intellectual mind, which loves to theorise. But nevertheless, we must be highly practical.

The answer is that we must make wiser choices. Our choices must evolve if our consciousness is to evolve, because without wiser choices, we simply perpetuate a limited perspective, repeating the same experiences over and over again. This is clearly not evolution.

Wise choices are like rungs on the ladder to heaven. Yes, heaven is here already, within us, but where is our attention? What keeps pulling our attention away from the heavenly realm? What is influencing our experience to such a degree that we frequently forget the harmony, forget the beauty and magnificence of the Divine Truth? It is simply unconscious and unwise choices.

Choices of attention, choices of thought, choices of speech, choices of actions, choices of what we allow to influence us (e.g. food, environment, media and so on)… So many choices, made all day long. We must choose harmony and purity in all of these areas, if we are to experience deep harmony and be a fully harmonious being. And who would want disharmony? Yet we often choose it. 

For example, we are greatly influenced by the food we eat, so it is important to eat natural, simple, unprocessed food, free of stimulants, depressants, man-made chemicals and other toxic substances – even those that are caused by ending the life of another animal. When we choose pure, karma-free nourishment our body is deeply nourished (energetically as well as nutritionally) and will be radiant with harmonious and vibrant energy.

We should not underestimate the deep importance of vibrant health in our desire for peace, happiness and spiritual fulfilment. It is literally a case of attuning our physical body to the higher, more vibrant energy of our spiritual body, so that they are in intimate relationship with each other. By doing this we are connecting to the light and beauty of our spiritual essence, which is then fully able to influence our being with its luminous and joyful harmony. It is much wiser to allow this to influence our experience of reality, rather than anxious thought, for example, which sometimes seems so real and justified, yet is just a result of inner disharmony.

And it is our state of inner harmony which creates our experience of external reality. A state of inner harmony is very much a heightened state, which enables us to see the purpose and meaning of everything that occurs in the world and in our own lives. From a perspective of disharmony, our fear takes over and we feel threatened by absolutely everything, even by life itself. This is insanity, because life is deeply benevolent in its essence. It is the energy of benevolence itself.  Our challenge is to lift our perspective so that we may see this, feel this and transmit this benevolence through our own words, actions and thoughts.

One of the most important ways that we may do this is to allow relaxation to be present in our body rather than stress. Stress builds up very quickly in our daily lives, and suddenly we find ourselves being driven on by this energy, as it influences us almost totally, creating tension and often frustration. Yet once we notice the presence of stress, all we need to do is to stop feeding it. The simple way to do this is to bring relaxation into our body.

When we relax our body, we instantly restore a sense of harmony to our being, including to our mind. Relaxing the body is a powerful statement of our perspective, which says “I am safe, there is no threat, I have all the time I need.” It is not the external world which gives us permission to feel this way, it is a choice that we can make, no matter what our external circumstances. To relax is the ultimate affirmation of our trust in Life. We can say “oh yes, I trust very much” but until we relax, we are not showing this to the world.

If you allow your mind to make you feel there is a threat, you will only experience disharmony, and disharmony is simply unreality! The only true Reality is a harmonious one, therefore this is the most fail-safe barometer of Truth, because Truth is perfect divine harmony. Our purpose is to experience this through every cell of our being and radiate it outwards, shining like a beautiful Sun and effortlessly illuminating the world around us.

Alexander Bell

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