Holding Strong to a Positive and Beautiful Vision


Do you feel positive about the future? Or are you pessimistic about world events and the direction in which they appear to be leading?

It is very important to remember that we are not victims of “world events” – rather, we influence them. Our mental perspective on the external world – be it a positive or negative one – influences what happens ‘out there’ and directly affects what we experience to be real. Either you believe your fears, or you trust your heart. Reality adjusts accordingly.

For example: Imagine if all 6 billion people on this planet decided to be pessimistic, to be negative and fearful about life and what lies in store in our future here on Earth. That would create a global atmosphere of total gloom in the human population. The birds would continue to sing, the plants and trees would continue to flourish, but what of humanity? It would suck itself into a myre, creating exactly that which it feared, darkness and misery. That is all that fearful and negative thinking does. It creates darkness – mostly for ourselves. Do we want to choose this? I don’t believe so. Yet this is exactly the direction which negativity takes us in. Fortunately, thank God, there is much hope for the future in the hearts of the Earth’s human population because collectively our awareness has risen to such a degree that we no longer simply believe what we are told about what is happening in the world by the ‘bad news media’.

The world is not what is shown on the news, it has nothing to do with the theatre of political events, it is not even slightly related to what some fear might happen as a result of being influenced by certain films, books and conspiracy theories. Such things only encourage fearful thinking and colour the lens of perception through which we look at the world. Instead we could just as readily take our cues from the natural world. We could wake up in the morning and rather than looking at the television, newspaper, or Internet to find out what is supposedly happening in the world and allow that to influence us, we could instead go outside and listen to the news that the birds are singing to us – a message that comes from a deeper place; a message of light, beauty, positivity and joy, which speaks directly to our heart and uplifts our spirits instantly. Which news source do you trust more? 

It is not naive to be optimistic about the world. It is very wise to be optimistic. It can take great strength to hold a position of positivity when all around you are encouraging negativity, and this is exactly what we must do. And then we are not one of the people encouraging negativity in others. We are supporting others with our positivity, and there are many people who need this kind of support, especially if they are unfriendly or hostile in their behaviour. Everyone needs positive support so that they may lift their awareness out of the darkness of their fears, and see a brighter, more expansive and peaceful horizon ahead of them.

Because this is truly possible. But we all must support this vision with our positive energy. And we must keep our mind focused on this vision – a vision of peace and harmony on Earth. Otherwise, if we envision a future without peace and global harmony, we are energetically supporting a vision of darkness on Earth, full of gloom and despair. This is a vision which is held by a fearful minority on Earth, but it is a weak vision, because it is not supported by the powerful energies of harmony and light that flow through the veins of this magnificent planet. These deeply life-affirming energies are also meant to be flowing through our veins.

This is where personal harmony and health come into the picture. A person who feels in good health will naturally experience a sense of harmony and strength  with themselves, because their life energy is flowing as it should, without frequent ailments that it must devote itself to healing. And a feeling of inner harmony will simply create a positive outlook in the mind, and enable you to see the harmony that exists absolutely everywhere, even if you live in a noisy and busy city. 

Harmony is the essence of reality, like wetness is the essence of water! Life’s energy is a deeply harmonious one, and we must ensure that we allow ourselves to experience this, through making wise choices in our practical daily lives. For example, enjoying as much time in nature as possible, allowing minimal influence from the mainstream ‘bad news’ media, eating lots of nourishing natural foods, (ideally vegetarian, fresh & organic), taking daily exercise in nature, enjoying ample quiet relaxation time for ourselves, and ample sleep so that our body can fully recharge and refresh itself overnight.

When we are fully supporting ourselves to live in a state of positivity and happiness, we become a contributing force to a bright and peaceful future on earth, and we help others to do the same. It is imperative that we allow ourselves to be part of the solution, because the solution is very real, and grows stronger through each person that chooses to recognise it. The solution is simply the focussed vision of peace on Earth, which already exists within the heart of each person that is alive on this planet. The only challenge is that our minds are being encouraged to believe in another vision, a vision of increasing conflict, darkness and misery, which is fed by individual fear and pessimism, which is in turn fed by the ‘bad news media’ on our tv screens, in the newspapers, on the radio and on the Internet.

But this vision is only fed to our mind, supported only by fear, which is not an energy at all, but more like an absence of energy. The vision of peace, however, exists as a deep blueprint within our heart, and is unceasingly supported by all of the energy in the entire Universe so that it may come to fruition. Humans like to know what is going on so that they can take an appropriate position on matters, but in this instance it is the other way round. What is going on is completely dictated by the position we choose to take – be it a positive or negative one. We cannot simply hope that good things will happen in the world so that we can feel positive about life on Earth, because there is much change underway that will shake our sense of stability and comfort, and fully test our ability to hold a positive perspective. And this is what is crucial. To hold a positive perspective, trusting in the power of positive vision to create a positive outcome. 

These are among the most testing times that we will ever know on Earth, therefore it is crucial that we have a strong foundation of positivity in our mind, health in our body and trust in our heart, so that we may hold strong to the vision of global peace and happiness that we all would so dearly love to see manifest on this beautiful planet. 

Thank you. Alexander Bell.

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About Alexander Bell

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