The Dawning of the Age of Peace & Global Harmony

By Alexander Bell


The Dawning of the Age of Peace, Wisdom and Global Harmony on Earth

If you watch the news or read the newspapers, you might find it very hard to believe that we are now entering a time such as this. There seems to be so much conflict on the planet, so much disharmony and darkness within the human population. And to some degree this is true.

But something else is happening simultaneously, something that you are unlikely to see broadcast on the news and in the papers because it is not dramatic or sensationalist in the way that we have become used to. 

What is happening is truly magnificent beyond words, beyond our wildest dreams of happiness and joy, so it is difficult to understand it with our mind. But our heart can understand it very well. The heart can actually perceive spiritual light, and we become aware of this as a sense of happiness, positivity and joyful excitement experienced throughout our being. 

If you avoid the influence of the mainstream media – in fact, all media – and you spend plenty of time in nature, attuning to its perfect harmony, you will not feel pessimistic about the future. Any worries will dissolve, any fears about what lies ahead will be replaced by a sense of trust and optimism. Why? Because there is a spiritual renaissance happening on earth – a spiritual rebirth – which we are all involved in and which we are all being influenced by. Again, it is not something the mind can fully understand, but the heart can feel it.

But how can this be happening while there is seemingly so much suffering still being experienced on the planet? We are currently involved in a worldwide process of healing. The human population is healing and the planet is healing. Some people are on the forefront of this process, meaning that their healing process is already fully underway and conscious to them, and some have even completed their healing. Many, many people are only just beginning though. There is a long journey ahead, but with each step more spiritual light – more freedom, joy and happiness – is entering into the lives of those who are in the process of healing.

And essentially, it is the heart which needs healing. The heart is the priority, because with a closed heart people simply perpetuate more suffering, within themselves and others. And nobody needs or wants more suffering on the planet. Even with global events in which many people suffer, a widespread healing occurs as a result of it. It is very hard to see this, because we quite rightly feel that large scale suffering is appalling; part of a world which is deeply troubled. 

Yet, have you experienced any suffering in your life? Has it not made you a stronger person? Has it not taught you the deep value of compassion, tolerance and understanding of others? These are the qualities in the human family which need to be developed, even though they are already strong in many societies and cultures. Of course, they are equally not so strong in other societies and cultures, where people tend to be more judgemental, hostile, uncaring of their fellow humans – but globally this is definitely a minority. Such qualities are not of the heart, and we are creatures of the heart. We are innately a compassionate, understanding and caring species, yet many people are ‘unwell’, so-to-speak. They are in the grip of their ego, their insecurity, and fear, which manifests itself as hostility, aggression, greed, uncaringness, selfishness and so on. 

The ego operates entirely on fear, even though this can be hard to see sometimes. It is afraid of many, many things, sometimes it is afraid of everything! But insecurity is at its core. True security comes from knowing our heart, knowing our connection to the greater whole, our relationship to the Universe, to the higher dimensions of spirituality and light. Total security comes through knowing who we truly are and why we are here. Yet sadly, many people on this planet do not know these things.

But this is changing. Meditation and yoga are now mainstream practices across the planet, whereas 50 years ago they were not. People are venturing inwards to find out who they really are, to find their sense of peace, to find their true relationship with Life. Communication between people has become a very conscious and central aspect to people’s daily lives – with instant communication devices now in everyone’s pockets. Therefore, people are now becoming highly conscious of how to communicate harmoniously and compassionately, which is absolutely vital considering how much we communicate in our daily lives. The result of this is that we become more aware of our connection to each other, and how important it is to be sensitive, kind and compassionate in all communications, as they affect us and others in very subtle yet strong ways. 

People simply want to experience more harmony. And through increased consciousness, they are learning the many, many ways of achieving this. This is the global movement towards collective peace. It is a slow and steady progress, but in the face of so much global unrest, conflict and suffering, people worldwide are realising that peace is what they want more than anything else. And we always prioritise that which we desire most.

People are bringing personal (and inter-personal) harmony to the top of their priority list, bringing it to the forefront of their mind, into the spotlight, so that they are focused on experiencing, creating and sharing more harmony in their lives. Because we cannot really enjoy anything if a sense of harmony is absent. We can enjoy distraction (television etc) to a degree, but when our screens are full of aggression, conflict, misery and unhappiness we start to wonder why on earth are we giving our attention to this? Do we want to experience those things? Do we want to watch other people experiencing those things? Do we want to fill our minds with such images?

Yet people watch violent films and programmes, and they listen to aggressive music and then find that they themselves don’t feel so peaceful or happy, and they simply express the energy that they have taken on board from such external influences. Food is the same. People eat fast food, junk food or food in which another creature has endured suffering, and wonder why they don’t feel so happy. Such things influence us far more than we realise, because we are in fact extremely sensitive creatures. We are de-sensitised by a great many aspects of modern society, and the end result is that at some point we become aware of a sense of emptiness within us and a deep sense of inner disharmony.

Because, if we are fully sensitive to our own heart and to our body in every way, we realise that they need to be nourished in the right way. A nourished heart will be radiant with peace and happiness – an experience which is totally within our grasp, at all times. And this is what the human population as a whole need to do – remember how to nourish their heart. This is the healing process. 

And it is as simple as removing unhealthy influences from our life (e.g. aggressive and negative films and programmes, negative media sources (like the news), unhealthy foods, aggressive or depressive music and so on). With less of these negative influences in our life, we will soon notice that we feel more harmonious within ourselves. We feel more positive about life. 

And if we add to this process by including as many healthy influences as we can (e.g. more time in nature, inspiring music, happy films & programmes, simple healthy, organic foods and so on) our entire experience of life will move into a new dimension. We will wonder how we could possibly have ever been so pessimistic, so negative, so unhappy, when life on Earth is such a magnificent gift. 

In such a state, we open up our life to so many wonderful possibilities, and we have a very powerful influence on the world around us, helping others on their own healing journey towards happiness and vitality.

Many people simply do not realise the degree to which they influence the world, and the degree to which they are responsible for their perception of the world. It is total. Yet we only realise this when we change our behaviour, when we make wiser choices; and then we see. This is all we need to do; make wiser choices.

Choices about what we allow to influence our state of harmony and well-being. Choices about how we influence others, mostly with our communications. Our choices in every single area of our life are shaping our reality, day by day. If we can be conscious enough, wise enough, sensitive enough and intelligent enough to choose all the things which nourish us in the right way, that feed our heart, our mind and our body with positive energy and harmony, we will begin to perceive – with tremendous excitement – the beauty of what is really occurring on this magnificent planet, as we collectively move towards peace on Earth, slowly but surely. 

Alexander Bell

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