Remembering your passion

Every human being needs to have a passion that stirs their heart in some way. Passion is the essential driving force of life. It gives us unlimited energy, it makes us incredibly strong and it encourages us to shine our light brightly by engaging in that which we feel passionately about, thus participating in the co-creation of a happier and more loving world.

If passion is absent from our life, we can feel unmotivated and dis-interested. A negative mindset can then easily establish itself, because we feel frustrated and stuck, not knowing what our purpose is in life. As a result, our inner-fire gets released in other ways, usually through the expression of anger to a greater or lesser degree. You can see this in people who aren’t really happy. They will always be expressing fiery little darts of criticism, judgement or hostility, usually about other people. This is not because they are unkind people, it is simply because there is an inner frustration at not feeling their passion, not feeling the creative force of life flowing through them as it is supposed to.

And of course, there are those people who will not allow themselves to be angry, or to express their inner fire in any way. Depression is a perfect example of this. There is no feeling whatsoever in such a state. Just a sense of emptiness, a sense of despondency, indifference, and a complete lack of energy and enthusiasm. Why?

Because the fire of the heart is being oppressed. It is held down, denied and judged as bad. It may be deemed as foolish to care passionately about something, perhaps because pain is expected as a natural consequence of passion. Or perhaps it just seems too energetic to be passionate. The depressed person just thinks “why bother?”

But if they could just remember – for an instant – that feeling of caring passionately about something, they would realise that they had become lost in a cold sea of indifference – a state of virtual lifelessness that simply creates an sense of emptiness and purposeless inside.

In stark contrast, passion fills us with a powerful sense of purpose – especially if our passion is for the benefit of others. The energy of care and compassion this arouses within our heart deepens our consciousness and develops the maturity of being in astounding ways. In contrast, when we are merely obsessed with our own wellbeing, our evolution as a human being is retarded to a very great degree. We get stuck on a certain level of consciousness, unable to see the importance of giving our energy for the benefit of the greater whole.

This is why vanity is such a major problem in our civilisation today. People are obsessed with their outward appearance, and spend such a great deal of their time and money on trying to appear a certain way, to gain attention or approval, even if it just from themselves when they look in the mirror! Their insecurity drives them to make themselves the centre of their universe, and devote all their energies upon self-thinking, self-satisfaction, self-improvement and so on. It is truly a deluded state, and withers the soul more than we can know.

Of course, people are not to be blamed for this, because our society encourages this in very many ways. The media and advertising world feed people’s insecurity in very clever ways, and spend a great deal of money on encouraging people to make themselves feel more secure, to satisfy their desires; to “consume and be happy”.

Yet we should all know by now that consumption is not the path to happiness. Happiness comes from the heart; through giving, caring, sharing, communicating, loving – and from living life simply. In fact, you will find that the less your life revolves around materialism and consumption, the more free you will feel, especially if you live a predominantly outdoor life.

And what about passion? When passion is absent, we turn to materialism for satisfaction and fulfilment. And it is a very poor substitute. Yet when we are filled with a positive and creative passion – no matter what it is a passion for – we are not interested in consumption, pleasure seeking and self-gratification, for the passion that is flowing through us is everything we need. It is living fulfilment.

This is why sometimes people who write books, create music or paintings and so on will forget about eating and sleeping, so driven are they by the passion for creativity. When that motivation is there, it is a great thing to honour it, and allow it to use us for its creative purposes. In such circumstances, we are like vessels through which flows a creative intelligence that has a vision, and which needs us to bring it into the world of form, through our obedience to our creative desires. To do so willingly is to enter into a joyful and conscious relationship with that which is infinitely greater than ourselves. The creative force of the Universe, of Life itself.

There is no greater purpose than this. There is no greater fulfilment than this.

Alexander Bell

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