Every human being has a heart

by Alexander Bell
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Whenever you meet someone, try to see them from your heart’s perspective. This doesn’t mean you will fall in love with them, it means that it is easier to see the light which is coming from their heart. It is always there. When viewing people from this perspective, it is easy to see their innocence, their goodness, and their joy, even if it hidden a little under their conditioning and insecurity, which is quite natural in our society.

You see, every human being has a heart, and the heart is what contains all the riches of the universe. Therefore, I find that any human being that comes across our path has a divine purpose in our life. Either they are bringing us more joy, or they need our assistance to experience more joy.

Because for me, joy is the highest expression of consciousness, and it is not only confined to human beings. The stars shine with a joyful light, the sun transmits a deep joy into our being. The birds sing out their joy, and all living plants and creatures have joy running through their veins. Seen from the correct perspective – that is, from the perspective of the heart – all life is a dance of joy. 

But if you are only looking at the world with your mind, you will not see this. You will meet people and only see superficial things about them. You may form judgements and opinions about them. You may perceive their “failings” – the dysfunction, their neuroses, anything which the mind believes is not perfect.

I have often heard people say when they have met someone, “I could see nothing bad about them”. I often get the impression that people are either looking or expecting to see something negative when they spend time with someone they have recently met. The more we look with critical or judgemental eyes, then the more we will see fragmentation and dysfunction in other people. And because our awareness is such a powerful force, that person will feel and respond to being seen in this way. Unless they are mentally strong, they will be influenced towards seeing themselves the way that they are seen by others. 

For example, have you ever had someone say something negative and critical about you which you felt wasn’t true? And then you started to doubt whether perhaps what they said might actually be true, and you started feeling less positive about yourself? This is how important it is that we see the goodness in other people. It helps them see the goodness in themselves, and helps it to expand more into their own thoughts, words and behaviour. I believe it is critical we see all people in this way, even if their human dysfunction is strong, perhaps even damaging to others. We must focus on what is good inside each person. 

Usually, we find what we look for. If we look for a persons failings, we will find some. But if we look for their heart, we will find it. And it really is not difficult to see, because the heart is the engine room for every single human being alive. It is at the core of their being.

Yes, the heart may be oppressed by a strong mind – by strong judgements (often about oneself), or strong opinions – but it is still active. It is still the provider of that persons vitality, and their consciousness. Negative and critical thought is just a form of mental pollution that taints the pure consciousness that flows from every human heart.  The stronger the mind, and the “worse” the thoughts, the more a person may feel polluted by it – but the solution is still the same. Come back to the heart. Come back to the clear and loving consciousness that never, ever stops flowing from the heart. 

Yes, the mind may be full of anger or hatred, and the heart may be oppressed and withered as a result if this, but as long as there is a spark of light within the heart, the warm fire of loving consciousness can easily be rekindled.

This is the purpose of mediation, which acknowledges that the mind is polluted with negative and destructive thoughts. The solution is not to try and change the thoughts, or get rid of them, but rather to move our attention away from them, so that it is no longer muddied by them. As we do this, our awareness immediately become clear.

You see, awareness is pure. It is like water. If you run it through a muddy filter, the water become muddy. But it need not run through that filter (our mind). It is our choice. Yes, it feels compulsive to think, but as we learn the simple process of meditation, we realise we have complete freedom whether to be in thought, or not.

Meditation is simply choosing to be aware of something other than the thoughts in our mind. Therefore, you can meditate anywhere, while you are doing anything. This is called “mindfulness”. But it is easier to start when you are doing nothing, and just sitting. As you sit quietly, with no distractions, you can see how very over-active the mind has become. 

So the immediate solution is to calm the body and relax. As we do this, our mind calms also. We consciously slow our breathing down, and breathe more deeply, into our stomach. This brings depth to our awareness, so that we are no longer stuck on the superficial level of thoughts. As we give our full attention to breathing consciously and relaxing, peace returns to our being. Whenever our attention gets pulled back to thoughts, we simply bring it back to our breathing, back the feeling of relaxation in our body. 

Relaxation of the body is the key, because as our muscles relax, our awareness can flow into them. This means our energy is not just trapped in our mind. We can only have distance from our thoughts and perspective on them when our attention is in our body. 

As the body relaxes more and more, and we feel quieter and more still, we notice that the heart is given space to relax also. Like a delicate flower, it begins to open up. When we are sensitive and receptive to it, no longer pushing and hurrying things along, just quietly observing ourself from a place of peace and stillness, the heart is given time and space to release it’s beautiful fragrance, which is love. 


Alexander Bell


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