The Blissful Simplicity of our Heart


To be free, you have to let go of all thoughts about reality…
Only then can you fully experience reality, in its blissful entirety.”

All thoughts are illusory, just like a film on a cinema screen is illusory. The actors are not there in the cinema, the scenery is not really there. It is just coloured light on a blank screen. Thoughts are just like this, the present to us a virtual reality which is not really there.

Could you imagine if someone set up a cinema screen in a beautiful natural place which was full of rare and beautiful flowers, birds, trees, and other creatures? You could sit down in this paradise and stare at the screen, losing yourself in the story, the sounds and images of the film, which is sometimes enjoyable, sometimes not. And in this process of getting involved in the content of the movie, you forget the outside world. The beautiful trees and flowers don’t exist, the magical bird song is not heard. You are somewhere else, and the paradise around you is forgotten.

And so it is with thought.

When we can pull our attention away from thoughts, we become aware of something else. We become aware of the Truth of Reality. And like the beautiful natural paradise, it is a truly magnificent experience just being there. It is full of light, warmth, energy and bliss. It is heaven on earth, pure bliss consciousness; our home.

After experiencing this, you will not be interested in the mental realities created by your thoughts, because they are empty and shallow in comparison. And the good news is, they are completely optional.

This is why it is important to learn a simple meditation technique, so you can observe for yourself how your mind actually chooses to give its attention to thoughts, and how this energises them and turns them into compelling entertainment in which you get lost. In meditation, you simply learn to choose not to enter into thoughts. It is that simple.

Instead of entering into thoughts, you bring your attention back into your body; by relaxing it and by breathing more oxygen into it. AS we do this, we feel and experience what it’s like to be alive, instead of just thinking about it. And there is a universe of difference.

As our attention becomes anchored in our body, this becomes our predominant reality – the reality of sensation, feeling and intuition. It is an infinitely more rewarding realm to inhabit than that of thought, and the good news is that it is completely effortless to dwell there, because we belong there.

It is a realm of bliss, with joy dancing in every cell of our body. Yet at the same time,  it is full of peace and tranquility. Our heart feels full and strong, our mind is empty like a cloudless deep blue sky and we feel the sun shining to our very core. It is beyond any ideas, thoughts and imaginings. It is the living experience of the light of awareness effortlessly flowing in perfect harmony through the entirety of our being, as it is intended to. It may sound complicated to the mind (which feeds on complexity) but really it is the most natural and simple thing in the world. It is the reality of being, without thinking; the reality of peace, simplicity and clarity. The reality of our heart.

Alexander Bell

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    As ever, lovely and enormously helpful x

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