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It is very sad; the earth is being tortured by corrupt, greedy and power-hungry groups of individuals. Widespread sadness and despair is created among previously joyful communities as the brutality of war finds its way to where it should never be allowed.

The pain of humanity is great, and we are all part of it. When we connect to our heart, we feel this sadness and pain, because it is stored in the earth to which we are deeply connected. The earth is wounded, but strong. We also need to be strong in our heart, if we are to be a part of the solution, part of the way forward to a world of peace.

This planet does not need any more aggression or hostility, whether it’s from bullets and bombs, or from our own personal judgements and anger. It all hurts humanity. We need to love, and love deeply. We need to care, and care with all of our heart.

We are fully capable of healing the hurt on this planet, with the strength of our love and compassion. It is the very most important thing we can do in our lives, and it is not remotely complicated. Individually, we simply have to stop judging and arguing with each other over petty differences of opinion, and recognise that we are all suffering on some level. We are all sensitive creatures looking for fulfilment, happiness, peace and security, and we can help and support each other to experience these things. We do this simply by being gentler with each other, kinder, more understanding and accepting of our different ways and our different choices.

Once we see that everyone is as sensitive as we are, and that everyone needs to be treated compassionately (including the animals on this planet), we choose not to create any further pain in the lives of any other living creatures. Because as long as there is suffering in this world, we will all be feeling it on some level. We might think we can ignore it, but to do so means disconnecting from our heart, which is certainly not a wise thing to do.

Yes, opening our heart does mean empathising with others and feeling what they feel, but that is one of the very most beautiful things about being human. We can feel the sadness of another, and help them to transform it through the love and compassion that is present in our heart. This is a very noble thing to do, and it actually comes naturally to us, because we are instinctively caring creatures.

So allow yourself to focus on this part of your nature, because it is certainly there. And when you focus upon it, you discover a depth and richness that completely changes how you feel about life, and yourself. A dimension of your being opens up and you feel more loving, more real, more peaceful, more fulfilled. All this, just from caring..

So let us all just care, and care genuinely, so that we can bring into manifestation on this planet the true beauty of the human heart.

Alexander Bell

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Lovely xxx

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