From fear to joy, from darkness to light


A fear-based reality is simply a mind-based reality in which we repeatedly engage with thoughts of doubt, judgement, mistrust, and insecurity about ourselves and about life in general. Such disharmonious thought process all stem from fear, and they create a fearful reality for us – a reality in which we cannot be deeply happy, free, joyful and appreciative of the wondrous experience that life truly is. A fear based reality is a reality of uncertainty, darkness and loneliness, and we are all very familiar with what this experience is like.

But we are also familiar with what a joy-based reality feels like, because we have all been happy and joyful on occasions in our life, even if it was only in our childhood. We remember that foundational feeling of security, of feeling protected, supported and loved, free of fear. We have also all experienced moments of deep appreciation for the beauty of life, and felt a heartful connection to the natural world.

None of this is new. It is deeply, deeply familiar. So familiar in fact that when we reconnect to the full depth of this heart-based reality, we will laugh and we will also cry, realising how long we kept ourselves separate from it, and how close it has always been.

It is literally like coming home, after a long and painful absence. The pain dissolves, along with any fear or doubt, and our heart feels expansive and deep like the ocean. Our heart relaxes fully and opens itself, like a flower, to the world, knowing that it is safe to do so. Compassion floods in to our heart, as we more deeply understand the aching pain of separation that so many human beings are currently experiencing on this planet.

So how can we feel joy while we are aware of such deep global suffering?…

We feel joy simply because we are connected to our heart, and at some point joy will arise, because it is one of the facets of the heart. Compassion is another. Generosity is another. Good humour is another. There are many more, and they are all deeply imbued with a sense of intelligence, warmth and light. When we re-establish our identity within our heart, with love, these qualities shine through us, through our personality, and we become radiant examples of how Love manifests within the human form. This is the fulfilment of our life’s purpose, and restores our being back to its naturally joyful state of consciousness.

Alexander Bell

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