The Beauty Beyond Knowing

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For some people, the word ‘unknown’ has negative connotations. They imagine some kind of dark space where they cannot see what is around them, and their imagination creates all sorts of fearful visions that make them feel uncomfortable and immediately want to grasp for the security of what they know.

This is quite natural, but quite unnecesary because once we realise the luminous truth of what exists outside of the thinking mind, we realise that all darkness, negativity, fear and threat are created by the thinking mind. Without its interference, we see that the truth of reality is that it is profoundly alive, conscious, intelligent and loving. It is pure divine intelligence, and it is orchestrating all of our life experiences so that we can come to the point where we are ready to let go of our fears, open our heart and open our eyes to its enlightening Truth.

Yet the thinking mind cannot know this Truth. We have to perceive it through our heart, because it is a loving truth, imbued with loving consciousness. The thinking mind cannot comprehend it because thought operates on a different frequency to this reality of love, which exists within the frequency of the heart.

Therefore to the mind, this divine reality is “the unknown”, and will forever remain so. This is the mind’s greatest frustration, because it wants to understand everything, so there is nothing that remains unknown. For this reason, it attempts to turn everything into a thought, a conceptual understanding that can be held within its memory as knowledge, to be recalled when needed.

This is how the thinking mind creates security for itself, through knowledge, and it is actually a very primal function. Its logic operates on the premise that true security can only be experienced when everything is known, because there might just be some threat which is hidden somewhere that we cannot see. It equates not-knowing with the possibility of threat, in some shape or form, and thus attempts to know everything, so that it can feel totally safe, which is how every living creature wants to feel.

But true security does not come from the mind. In fact, the thinking mind is what creates all of our insecurity, and thus, fuelled by the need to find solutions to problems that it actually created, it prevents us from experiencing the true, deep security which comes from our heart.

By keeping us engaged upon the level of thought, the thinking mind feels more secure because it is keeping us separate from that which cannot be understood, thus keeping us in the realm of that which is ‘known’. Thus, it prevents us from letting ourselves go into experiences that take us out of thinking and into heightened states of expanded awareness and beyond the limitation of thought, such as joy, bliss, ecstasy and the depth of love.

However, as we learn how to quieten the anxious mind and reintegrate our awareness with our heart through practices such as meditation, it becomes more and more obvious to see that the universe in which we dwell is a loving, intelligent and conscious reality, of which we are part. We dwell within its spiritual body, with a body and mind of our own which mirrors the deep creative intelligence of the greater organism.

As we become more acquainted with the divine truth of Reality, of Life itself, we realise that it is asking us to work on its behalf; to care, help, nurture, and love those who are in need of these things. This is why we have a heart, so that we can feel our purpose, and be motivated by the powerful force of love that exists within us, the very same love that operates through the entirety of creation. It really is deeply magnificent.

So essentially all we need to do it to untangle ourselves from the complex realm of thought, of our insecure ego, of doubt and fear, so that we can perceive reality without the influence of such mental interference. This process requires our discipline and it requires mindfulness and alertness, but in truth it is an effortless process.

When we realise that our attention doesn’t actually belong in thought, and that it belongs in our body and in our heart, we realise that all we need to do is to bring it there. We simply need to move our attention from one place to another. The easiest way for our attention to flow more into our body is simply to relax it. We relax everything and we feel our body; our muscles, our limbs, and also our physical senses like touch, body warmth etc. We just bring all our attention to feeling what we can feel in each moment. You can do this now and in every moment, if you simply decide to.

If you bring your attention into your body, it will not be in your mind. It is that simple. If you relax your body and enjoy the sensation of relaxation that you feel, that is where your awareness is. That is what you are conscious of. That is where you are, so that feeling of ease, relaxation and wellbeing is your reality.

It is the realm of feeling rather than the realm of thinking, and they are two totally different experiences. I recommend you observe and experiment to experience this for yourself, rather than just understanding it conceptually.

So, are your thoughts more real than your feelings? No, they are more illusory and more ethereal, because they are simply projections of light, of consciousness through mental ideas that create images which we equate to being as real as what we experience with our body, which obviously they are not. They are merely cinema projections upon the blank screen of our mind, and there is no substance to them whatsoever. They are merely pictures, which are superficial and cannot harm us in any way.

What we feel in our body and what we sense in our heart has such a greater depth than this that it is staggering that we ever choose to engage with mental realities over the actual reality of our being. Our heart brings us an experience of such profound depth and fulfilment that we cannot conceive of it or understand it. Perhaps this is what deters people from leaving the security of their thoughts – the fact that they cannot fathom the heart, they cannot know it’s depth and what they will experience there in the same way that they are used to knowing their own thoughts and their own mental understanding of reality.

There is a saying in English “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t” which essentially means that knowing is better, even if what you know does not benefit you. And because of this mentality, people choose “knowing” their thoughts, over experiencing their heart, simply because they believe it is better to know. They believe it is better to stay in control rather than let go into the mystery of life.

I can assure you that dwelling in the living, conscious presence of the reality of your heart is the only way to live in total security and peace, totally free of threat and totally free of mental suffering. But knowing this is not enough. We need to experience this for ourselves. So be courageous, and explore the realm of not-knowing. Explore the boundless reality of your heart, where Eternal Love resides.

Alexander Bell

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