Living in total harmony


The natural world is imbued with a deep and perfect harmony, and we can feel this when we spend time in nature. We relax, we feel more positive, more happy, more in touch with a sense of peace inside of ourselves.

This is how we are designed to feel, this is what the circuitry of our brain and body are wired for : effortless natural harmony.

Yet we create so much disharmony in our lives, most of which originates in our thoughts in the form of worries, judgements, doubts and a myriad of other types of negative thoughts. We think too much, this is obvious, and our thoughts create a sense of disharmony, tension, stress and agitation in our body.

We are all familiar with how these things feel. We just don’t feel good, we don’t feel balanced or at ease. We feel in a state of dis-ease, and inner harmony is totally absent.

But the good news is that the solution is not complicated. We do not need psychoanalysis. We do not need any lengthy practice, procedure, therapy, or healing to ‘fix’ us. We simply need to restore a feeling of harmony IN THIS MOMENT; which is the only moment that we need to deal with.

If we are experiencing a sense of inner disharmony in this moment, the immediate solution is to relax, let go of tension and stress, and restore harmony to our body. This can happen in less than a minute, and it all starts with our decision to pay attention to our body.

We get so lost in the realm of thoughts, and in the realm of time also, that we think the solutions to our perceived problems must also be found in those realms, and thus we project a feeling of peace and inner harmony into the future, once we have fixed the problems that our mind tells us we have.

Our mind may tell us “you work too much”, “you drink too much coffee”, “you spend too much time doing this or that”, and it makes us believe that once we have changed all these perceived ‘bad habits’ (which they may indeed be) only then will we feel better.

But the truth is that if you want to feel better, you don’t have to wait until you have changed your lifestyle. The essential thing to do is to become aware of yourself IN THIS MOMENT, and see exactly what you are creating for yoursélf. Are you lost in your thoughts (even thoughts about ‘self-improvement’ and becoming a ‘better person’)? Are you creating (or holding) tension in your body? Are you hurrying stressed, or feeling uptight? Or is your body relaxed, helping to you feel balanced and calm?

One thing is totally guaranteed; as you relax your body more, you will feel more calm, more balanced, more at ease, more comfortable and more peaceful. Everybody knows this, yet almost everybody forgets it. We HAVE to relax to feel better. In fact it is the most powerful thing we can do to reconnect with the feeling of peace which we all need to feel. If we don’t relax, we will not feel it. We might think it, but we need to feel it.

It also helps greatly to bring our attention out of thinking, because it is our thoughts which create nearly all of the stress, tension and anxiety that we feel in our body. We can our body relax deeply, but if we then go back to worrying again, our body will tense up almost immediately. So we have to watch the mind, and see how it always wants to think in terms of ‘problems’.

It will present an endless stream of problems if we keep engaging with and energising its thought processes; but we do not have to. We can actually bring all of our attention out of thinking, and give it to something else instead. In meditation, people usually bring all their attention to their breathing, and to the feeling in their body also, but you can choose anything.

Many people like to use sound or music, like the sound of birds singing, or some beautiful music that makes them feel inspired, peaceful or happy. You can bring your attention to something visual, like the clouds passing across the sky, or a candle flame, or something else that you find easy to gaze upon.

The important thing is that you are not fighting your thoughts, and you are not afraid of thinking. You just observe your minds tendency to go towards thought, but gently bring it to something different instead. There is no force involved; and it is an effortless thing to do – especially when we are bringing our attention to something we find beautiful, like music or the magnificence of Mother Nature. In truth, anything which helps our body to relax, to feel more grounded and more harmonious, is helping us to experience life as it should be experienced.

We do not need to control our thoughts or our mind – just redirect its attention towards that which inspires us and helps us to feel the way we want to feel. And it is important to remember that as human beings, we are designed to feel, not just to think. And feeling peaceful is simple. We do not need to generate this state, contrive it or control anything. We just relax, and enjoy remaining relaxed. We can do this anywhere, anytime. But the best place to practice is always now.

Alexander Bell

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