The importance of bliss

“There is a feeling, a sense of deeply rooted connectedness, that we all really need. It is a deeply fulfilling feeling because we are wired for it; we are built for it. It is the completion of our biological circuitry, that enables us to feel the full current of life’s energy force flowing through us, in a very grounded and earthed way. This feeling is bliss.”

Many people might think bliss is like a party: something undeniably enjoyable but which is not really essential, having no practical purpose in our life, like ‘spiritual frills’ that we can live without. Yes, we can live without the feeling of bliss, but we are built for it. And when we feel that feeling – that deeply tangible sense of being earthed and grounded, yet totally alive with energy – we realise that it is what has been missing from our lives. Bliss is connection in its deepest sense.

When we feel bliss deep within our body, we realise how lost we had become in thoughts and ideas, beliefs, desires and material pursuits, all the time being totally disconnected from the most basic and essential feeling of connectedness that we need. Bliss is the full activation of our connection with this beautiful planet, and until we have the experience of feeling it, we live in ignorance of its importance.

So what can help us connect in this deep way, so that we can feel this feeling? Yoga (especially Yoga that helps us open the root chakra). Regular ecstatic dance, or kundalini meditations will also help greatly. Eating mineral-rich, grounding and easily digestible foods will also help us go deeper into the feelings in our body, rather than floating around in thought. Essentially, the body’s energy systems need our full awareness flowing through them, so that we are really feeling our energetic presence in our body.

The more we think, the less we feel, so we simply need to reverse this equation, and feel more. The world of our inner senses, and the world of our energetic feeling, is our grounded reality to be totally felt without any mental distractions. As we practice doing this – giving our full attention to feeling, and relaxing deeper into it – we remember the true human experience of embodied presence. This is full presence in our body, with our life-force flowing strongly, with our heart strong, open and free of fear (tension). It is the feeling of being deeply alive and connected to the energetic universe, and to our mother planet.

It is the most effortless experience in the world, because we simply relax into it. As we relax on deeper and deeper levels, allowing the energy of our life-force to circulate and flow freely through us, there are no obstacles to feeling how we are designed to feel. The only distractions are the thoughts that arise, but we simply bring our attention away from those thoughts – from all thought, whatever they may be – and we bring it fully back to the feeling in our body, and in our heart.


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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
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