Saying “Yes” to full consciousness

“There will be times in your life when you will have the opportunity to say ‘Yes, I am ready to accept full consciousness, I am ready to be fully awake and fully responsible for my reality.’ But you will only say this if your heart feels strong, if you have no fear and no doubt. Only then can there be the certainty that you are ready to live as a fully awakened being (which you are destined to anyway.) It is only a matter of readiness.”

There is no avoiding it. Your attention has to be somewhere. And you have been given the full responsibility for where that somewhere should be. Considering what a powerful and creative force your attention is, it is a very big responsibility.

This great (and very beautiful) responsibility can be overwhelming for many people. It means becoming fully conscious of your total responsibility for your state of consciousness. No longer can you defer responsibility (and power) to some other outside force.

This is the very reason so many people choose unconsciousness, through their actions and through their thoughts. They are trying to forget this great responsibility. They are hoping they can forget it if they distract themselves enough, and lose themselves enough in worldly pursuits.

The mental realm of our thoughts is our greatest distraction tool. We have a television screen in our mind, which keeps our attention in our head, away from our centre, away from our heart, away from the depth of our being. We find this ability to ‘switch off’ very comforting, because we have become afraid of our depth. We know that within our being is a very powerful force, we know it is incredibly creative, but we don’t trust ourselves with it. So we try to forget about it.

But this truly is impossible, due to the innate drive towards greater consciousness that exists with us. We are collectively evolving as a species, and we are being required to be a vehicle of awakeness, of full vitality. We are fully destined to wake up to our full power, our true life purpose and our full responsibility in this world, because this is the only reason we are here.

We fear that this means doing something we don’t want to do, or being someone that we dont want to be. We also fear failure. We fear messing it up terribly and feeling like a total failure in the eyes of those around us (or perhaps in the eyes of ‘God’). So rather than confront with these strong fears (and because we don’t know how to) we simply turn away from the awareness of our original responsibility.

By doing this, we become unconscious once more; unconscious of our true purpose and how we are being asked to fulfil it, by stepping into our role as prescribed by the higher consciousness. It is a role of healing and a role of caring and service to others, but simultaneously it is the role that our heart has always been waiting for, because our heart knows how it can best shine. And it truly needs to shine, because this is its purpose.

If the heart is not shining, we will never feel fulfilled. Therefore, by consciously assuming full responsibility for your state of consciousness, and steering clear of all the various pulls towards unconsciousness (which are ultimately in the mind), you are choosing fulfilment on the deepest level. You are choosing to allow the light to shine from within your heart and let it light the way for others to do the same.

Maybe not everybody is ready to assume full responsibility, to accept Full Consciousness, but there will certainly be a time when they are, because the total fulfilment that every human heart longs for cannot be found in any other way. So as we realise this, we start to ask ourselves, “why would I want to waste anymore time? Why would I want to hide in the shadows one moment longer, when I can step out into the beautiful sunlight?”.

There is truly nothing to fear. We simply have to get used to being relaxed and comfortable in the full presence of divine consciousness, which is what flows through every one of us; through our mind, through our body and through our heart.

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
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