What every heart thirsts for


MUSIC: “Illumination” by Alexander Bell

What is Life? What is Love? It flows through every tiny leaf, every blade of grass. It blows through the trees, it flows through the rivers and streams. It is the gentlest energy in the universe. Yet it is the deepest power of life, capable of pushing through the smallest of cracks, wearing away the hardest stone. It does all this with the gentlest of energy. This is Love.

This is what the heart of every human being thirsts for; to feel the exquisite gentle nourishment that only love can bring. And where do we find this love? Many people look externally to others, desperately hoping that love will be shown to them. This is what draws us into loving relationships, and makes them so deeply desirable to us. Because love can be experienced there. Love is the most precious and in-demand commodity on the planet; it drives most of our actions, although we are often unaware of it. If we feel that more love may come our way, we do not hesitate to act, because to be without love is like being without water in a desert. To be without love is like being without the sun’s warmth. It is vital, and when it is missing, we feel lost, empty, unfulfilled.

Love is fulfilment, love is salvation, love is the answer to the human condition of isolation, and loneliness. But where do we get it from when we most desperately need it? When there is no-one to call on to show us some loving warmth or kindness, what do we do?

The only answer is to go within, to where love originates, and really, it is not difficult. It is only because of our long-established tendency to look outside that we initially find it challenging to look inside, but all it takes is one look, one door to be opened, one knock… It is always answered.

So on a practical level, how do we do this? By coming back to feeling our body, feeling our heart-beat, feeling the pulse of life within us. Each pulse is a transmission of life-giving, loving energy from our heart to our being. Our heart is the transmission room of love’s frequency, and we need only tune in to it. How? 

Start by relaxing your body, and breathing more slowly. Slow everything down. As we do this, tension is released and energy is able flow around the body in a more fluid way. Tensions in the body create energetic obstacles to the flow of love. All that is needed is patiently relaxing and letting tensions dissolve. The more you relax, the more deeply held tensions can dissolve and the more peace flows into your body. 

Peace could be seen as the full embodiment of love, as it circulates through your being. Relaxation of the body and mind are the only ‘actions’ needed, although relaxation is not really action. Relaxation is opening your body to conscious effortlessness, as we no longer hold on to mental concepts and opinions. We let all thoughts pass us by and the corresponding physical tensions created by thought disperse as we consciously do so.

So this is the only necessary practice: to relax the body, to breathe consciously and allow the mind to cease its grasping of thoughts. It is possible to relax the mind, in much the same way you relax a tight fist. When you become conscious of the mind’s grasping for thoughts, you can simply allow the mind to remain open. It becomes like a still lake, which merely reflects events, rather than trying to ‘get’ something from them, or interpret them conceptually, so as to collect more ‘knowledge’.

This present moment, experienced consciously from a deeper place, free of collected knowledge, is the meeting place for Divine intelligence, for God, the higher radiant consciousness which our fulfils our soul. It should be taken for granted, because it is granted. It is everything you could ever wish for, at your doorstep. All that is needed is that you create a deep stillness, so that any interference may cease. You can then tune in to the heart’s frequency as you breathe consciously, gently, deeply – travelling upon each breath into the centre of your being. Love is there, God is there, peace is there, awaiting your presence, awaiting your patient receptivity. 



About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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