Returning to the deep harmony of Reality

By Alexander Bell

What is Reality? Reality is this present moment, this gift of consciousness experienced only in the here and now. 

But what is your experience of this moment? Is it an experience of harmony, or disharmony?

If you are busy with thoughts, it is not going to be as deeply harmonious as it potentially could be. And if your thoughts are particularly negative ones, this moment can really be a not-so-pleasant experience. Even if there are some external influences which are encouraging you not to be happy, not to be at peace – to worry and be anxious – you do not have to choose that reality. Peace can be experienced irrespective of external goings on.

Because reality is not what we see on the news. Reality is not what our mind tells us is true, even if we are convinced of it.

Reality is the underlying state of harmony, which comes from a divine source and flows into this material realm, creating the beauty and harmony of the natural world. How can we forget the deep harmony of nature? It is an expression of Truth, of Reality. We only have to spend time in it, in silence, to attune ourselves to its peace, and its joy also. Nature is full of joy. 

It is this deeply harmonious energy which we forget when we get lost in our thoughts about this and that. Irrespective of world events, deep harmony is the essence of Reality and it is this which subsequently creates what we call our ‘Earthly reality’. The Earth is just a reflection of divine beauty, of the Divine Reality.

So, what is of the utmost importance is that we do not get tangled up in that which creates disharmony within us. In disharmony, we simply perceive the world through a negative filter. We see darkness and disharmony everywhere – a world of problems and conflict.

But from a state of inner harmony, we perceive an entirely different world. A world of infinite potential, a world of goodness, a world which is deeply harmonious in its essence.

And it is this harmony which we all need to focus upon. Because when we do, its power to influence others increases. Harmony spreads. And it spreads fast. People want harmony, the world wants harmony. It is deeply desired for by billions of people worldwide. And deeply needed…

This is what Mahatma Ghandi was referring to when he said that we must “be the change that we wish to see in the world.”  We must be in harmony ourselves if we wish to see more harmony in the world. We will not see more harmony until we are in a more harmonious state ourselves.

We can help spread harmony to all the people of Earth, simply by embodying a harmonious state whenever we remember to do so. The easiest way of doing this is to relax our body. We cannot relax and be anxious at the same time. Relaxation is the antidote to all anxiety and disharmony. When we relax, our life energy can flow freely, as it is intended to.

Simply by relaxing our body, we are restoring a sense of harmony to our being and we are making the statement to the entire universe that we feel safe, that we are not threatened. This is powerful and deeply beneficial statement to make, and making it is effortless. Just by relaxing your body, and allowing yourself to feel at ease, harmony flows. And the more deeply you relax, the more deep the harmony you will feel.

This is the simplest way to choose harmony, and it is very much a bodily experience, rather than a mental one. So much disharmony is created by our mind, by our thoughts, that we must create some distance from it so that we are not so easily tangled up its realm. The peace of the body, emanating from its very centre – our heart – holds the answer, and relaxation is the key. 

When our attention is given to the natural vibration of deeply harmonious energy within our body, and when we view the world from this place, everything makes perfect sense. We understand the purpose of our being here and we fully enjoy it, as we radiate out happiness and transmit harmony in a very powerful way, beyond the limitations of the material world, into the very heart of humanity, into the collective consciousness for the upliftment of all.

So to be part of the solution, we need only to be happy and to be in harmony. It also helps if we are in good health. This is what people call a “win-win” situation. No body loses out and every body gains. Harmony flourishes and peace prevails.

So if you need to believe in something, believe in the power of harmony, as it is currently transforming the world from the inside out. Join in the transformation…

Alexander Bell

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