Aggression and Compassion


It is impossible to ignore that we live in a world where there is a lot of aggression. Indeed, many people may consider themselves to be a peace-loving person, but until they are completely free of the pull toward anger, control, reactivity and force, the peace they experience in there lives will only be fleeting.

Many people do not mind this. In a busy world which seems to run on caffeine-fuelled adrenaline, we are encouraged to “make things happen”, to be more efficient, more machine-like and to brush aside people who do not serve our goal. This is very much masculine thinking. The masculine brain works on efficiency, on pushing things to the limit, paying no heed to boundaries or obstacles, and just getting the job done. Adrenaline and testosterone take over, and the sensitivities of others – and indeed our own compassionate heart – get forgotten.

This is very much justified in our male-driven world, because it is a world of business, a world of expansion, growth, and productivity. Efficiency is the priority. Ruthlessness is essential. We believe to compromise, to back down or be flexible is a sign of weakness. And to the ego, it is.

But the heart suffers from this way of operating, because the heart always considers what is best for everybody. Sensitivity to others is the priority. The heart is fair, it is compassionate, it is noble and honourable. It simply cares, and it cares deeply. Many people are afraid to care this much.

When there is no desire to listen to the needs of others, because we have our own agenda or objective which we want to bring to fruition, something magical is lost. Yes, we may achieve our goal in a very satisfactory way, but the real achievement – which is the expansion and propagation of the profound beauty of love – has failed. This is a great shame, because it is what is most needed in this world.

Greater efficiency is not what we need. We do not need to learn how to push ourselves to the limit – because the world is already doing this, and as a result the world is filled with people who are exhausted, burnt out, depleted and drained. We need to learn to be sensitive to own individual needs, and only we can know what those needs are, by listening to the voice of care and compassion that speaks from our heart.

A world filled with sensitive people, who listen compassionately to the needs of each other and work towards what is mutually beneficial for the whole of human-kind may sound like a far fetched dream, but it starts right here, where you are, and spreads outwards in an exponential way.

As you become more sensitive to others and more gentle and tolerant in your ways, people feel this gentler energy coming from you. They will want to be around you because they feel your compassionate and caring nature. They feel it is okay to be exactly who they are in your presence. This inevitably touches their heart in a powerful way, and they become aware of the truly beautiful, delicate and peaceful nature of their own heart.

This has sadly been forgotten by billions of people, but it does not take much to remember, because the memory is still there, perhaps even from childhood. We are truly sensitive and delicate creatures, full of innocence and joy, like children. Perhaps we had pushy parents who told us to “hurry up”, to “be tough”, “not to be so soft”, and so on, so inevitably that pure and gentle energy got forgotten in becoming a so called “stronger person”.

Yes, we do need to be mentally strong in this world, where our attention is being pulled here and there by the media, by the opinions and judgments of others, by societal “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and so on, but we must be careful that our mind does not become rigid and inflexible. And yes, we certainly do need a strong a courageous heart in this world, otherwise we will be overcome by fear and the dominant nature of other human beings.

But true strength comes in the resoluteness not to enter into conflict with another; to hold true to our essential nature as a being of peace and compassion. This is not easy when our buttons our being pushed by so many different things and people, but our strength of heart needs to be tested, so that we do not delude ourselves.

If we believe ourselves to be a peaceful and caring person, then life will give us endless opportunities to demonstrate this, and experience the deep satisfaction in our heart of showing true compassion to another. This is where we all meet. This is where all beings feel completely safe; in a space of trust, sensitivity and loving kindness.

Alexander Bell

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Lovely article

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