Sowing the Seeds of Joy


Many people recognise that they need more inner-peace, more equilibrium, more joy and a greater sense of inner fulfilment in their lives. We actually all need these things, just as we all need food, because they are spiritual nourishment for our heart and for our soul. If we do not get this kind of nourishment, our sense joy and happiness fade away, and life starts to feels like an endless treadmill of joyless obligation.

So, if we all need spiritual nourishment, then how do we get it? Many people find it through religious beliefs, which is good, but many people do not find it at all. But do we need a belief system to bring us greater peace in our heart? No, we do not, because peace is a natural consequence of a healthy and untroubled heart.

Yet many people in this modern world do not have a care-free or peaceful heart. For most people, it is heavily burdened by the weight of adult responsibilities, obligations and worries. We tell ourselves “This is just part and parcel of being an adult” and thus by holding this belief, we never challenge the fact that our lives are often joyless, overly serious and very mundane.

But our heart needs joy. We need fun and playfulness to be a part of our life at any age. It is actually one of the key secrets to staying young at heart, and of not ageing so rapidly. We are all still the same person inside that we were as a child. All that has changed is that our childish tendencies for fun, imagination and playfulness have been suppressed and over-ridden with tendencies towards more grave and joyless attitudes towards life. This is part of social conditioning, part of the collective mindset as we enter the adult world of business, money, consumerism and responsibility. There are so many things to occupy our mind, that it is no surprise that our heart gets forgotten.

Yet from within the midst of all our adult responsibilities, our heart can regain its joy and playfulness. It doesn’t mean we have to relinquish our highly paid job, or stop socialising with powerful or influential people. You see, the whole world needs more joy and happiness, especially those people who are in the most stiff and rigid positions of power and responsibility. Why should happiness and joyfulness not be present? Does it make you less efficient? Some people may believe this is the case, but we have to remember that we are not robots. If our heart becomes truly joyless, then what are we really contributing to the world?

I would say that of all the things that this planet is in deep need of, more joy and happiness is very close to the top of the list. Because we all want to live in happiness. Life becomes worth living when there is just a little seed of joy in our heart. We can then nurture and nourish that seed, so that it grows and so that the essence of who we truly are – love, joy and happiness – can radiate outwards to those around us.

I would say that to do this alone is a great service to the world. Many people look to credential, achievements, material success and wealth as a sign of worth in this world. But your true worth comes from the light that shines in your heart, and your willingness (and courage) to share it with others.

It does take courage when all those around you are joyless and serious, but every human heart wants to be reminded of the lightness of life. So you will find that no-one can truly resist good humour and a happy attitude, because almost everyone is afflicted with terminal seriousness, and they know their heart is suffering as a result.

A little joy in the heart can change someone’s life by reminding them of who they truly are and what life is truly about. Try sowing a few seeds, and you’ll be amazed at what happens…

Alexander Bell

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Lovely article! Xxx

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