In the Presence of God

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You are always in the presence of God, The Supreme Consciousness. Yet most people are unaware of this. God is fully aware of you at all times, no matter what you are doing or thinking. For some people, this is terrifying, because they believe they will be judged, and perhaps even punished. But God is Love. No hidden clauses, no bank holidays. God is always love, and always loving. This is unconditional love, which is very unfamiliar to most people. They believe they do not deserve it, thus they prevent themselves from experiencing it.

But because God is a purely Loving Force, it is not necessary to do anything to ‘please God’, because God is never less than pleased, less than loving. It is like trying to make the sun burn brighter, when it never ever diminishes its radiance. The only problem is that we create shadows in our mind through our thinking and beliefs, thus obscuring the amount of light that can reach us, and we think this lack of light and absence of love it is because we have displeased God in some way, which is of course impossible.

But we have created our own darkness, thus we have full power to ‘uncreate’ it. We do this simply by bringing our awareness out of thoughts, away from the shadows of doubt, and seeing what has always been there as a constant in our heart; God’s love and God’s light. This is the Divine Truth that never ever wavers or changes. It is simply the spiritual reality of life, accessible to all.

Therefore, when we encounter God’s presence and we realise that we cannot be separate from God’s presence – that we cannot hide from it, switch it off or imagine it away – we should be deeply joyful and happy, just as we are when the clouds part, the sky clears to blue and the sun warms our skin. What our heart has always longed for becomes our reality. We need not harbour doubt any more, because we realise that we are totally safe; lovingly held, guided and protected by God’s own hand, which is all-powerful. Therefore we can truly relax, deep into the core of our heart, because there is nothing to fear anymore. We can come to no harm, because we are divinely protected. Our reality is being fully orchestrated by the very creator of reality, so we can stop trying to control everything, we can take our hands off the steering wheel and enjoy the beautiful journey.

Alexander Bell


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