Letting Go Into Love

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Put simply, our fears keep us in the dark, trapped in an illusory reality which is created entirely by anxious thoughts, separate from the Peace that our heart is always wanting to experience. The only way we can see this with any clarity is to try letting go of our fears, no matter how compelling and true they may seem, and notice how we feel without them.

I can guarantee you that you will feel freer.

It is very ironic, but many people are afraid of letting go of their fears, as if they were somehow a necessary part of their life. Many people subconsciously believe that if they let go of their fears they would be living in delusion, because they assume their fears help them to be prepared for the potential threat which their mind tells them is virtually everywhere.

But the threat is not “out there”. It is a state of mind created by the ego, which subsequently becomes an experience of fear in our body. The innate insecurity and fear of the ego needs a constant source of threat to perpetuate its existence as an entity of self-protection, because without threat, the ego would no longer be needed and we could be at peace with the world, enjoying the security, freedom and happiness generated by our heart.

Put simply, the ego oppresses the heart. It overrides it, negating and invalidating its communication and its truth, in favour of a mental reality created entirely by thought. The heart’s reality is not thought-based. It is feeling-based, and it connects us to the universe around us in such a profound way that we simply cannot understand with our mind. The heart truly knows what we need, what is nourishing for us. It knows what freedom feels like, it knows what joy and happiness feel like. It understands the vital importance of care and compassion.

The heart’s intelligence is vastly superior to any so-called intelligence that comes from the intellectual thinking mind, because the heart’s intelligence is coming from something greater than itself. It is just like the Internet on your computer is not being generated by your computer. Your computer is connecting to a greater source of information and knowledge and thus the internet flows through it, simply by virtue if it being connected.

We must do the same. We must disconnect from our fearful, thought-based mental programs, and connect to a higher source of information and wisdom, by connecting to our heart. Our heart is like the modem, the router which provides the signal which we must connect to, so that we can access the deeper form of knowledge and wisdom that fulfils us on every level.

Such deeper knowledge is not mental information that we can think about. It is intuitive, it is heartfelt. It is Love.

Alexander Bell

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Nice article Alex. Is there not a simple button that I can press to share?

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