Choosing to trust, rather than to fear


What happens when you go into a beautiful place in nature, far away from the noise and distractions of civilisation? A place full of beautiful birdsong perhaps, delightful fragrances, transcendent colours, warm sunshine and gentle breezes. You are surrounded by such a deeply peaceful and natural beauty, and if your mind and heart are also peaceful and fully present to the beauty around you, you will experience a sense of heaven on earth. A sense of being in paradise.

Yet so often we find ourselves amongst the beauty and magic of nature, and our mind continues to bring anxiety into our experience of the moment. Through its thoughts about things in other places, and in other times, it stains the perfect moment with its muddiness. It absorbs the energy from your heart, and sucks the beauty from reality, creating a conceptual mental reality for you to inhabit, which it justifies as being the truth of your existence on Earth.

This planet is magnificent and beautiful. And it is also very, very strong and robust. By becoming grounded and connected to this strength of the Earth through fostering a healthy and strong body and heart, we find ourselves inhabiting the reality that it offers to us. A reality of warmth, vitality, kindness, opportunity and infinite potential.

Yet if we dwell primarily within the realm of our thoughts, our beliefs, our ideas of what is happening on Earth, our personal insecurities, doubts and fears, we inevitably become very weak. We forget the empowering feeling of inner strength and vitality which life offers us and we inhabit a world of ideas. We then think we understand what is happening on this planet. We think we know what life is, and how it works. We even think we know where life is heading, upon what course world events are takings .

But thinking is our problem. It takes us away from feeling, and it creates a world of mental understanding that has no concrete reality. We may get our detailed understandings from books, from newspapers and from news reports and believe that they are very accurate, but life is not an accurate picture in your mind. Life is what you feel flowing through you in this moment. You feel life, you don’t think it.

By thinking about life, about the unhappiness. suffering, conflict, disharmony etc. that is happening around the world, we overlook the experience of living, felt only in this moment and felt within our body and in our heart. We also invalidate the powerful beauty of this planet, perceiving instead an ugly world, a world of conflict, pain and destruction, which planet Earth certainly is not.

It is paramount to our experience of life that we ourselves are free of inner-conflict, inner dis-harmony, doubt, anxiety and fear. Because only then can we perceive life through a clear lens. Only then can we see why things are unfolding on this planet in the way that they are unfolding. If we are not afraid, if we relax into our sensory experience of this moment and feel our heart, we can enjoy a sense of peace, trust and security in knowing that we are part of a global transformation of consciousness, which is heart-based, not thought-based.

You become part of this transformation, this transition towards living within the parameters of love, simply by letting go of any fears that arise, and returning over and over again to a sense of trust and peace in the heart. As you do this, you become a shining light of hope and inspiration for others, just by being you. If you are not afraid, then you will inspire others to choose the same perspective of trust and peace.

Essentially, this is the ultimate choice we must each make individually… To trust, or to fear.


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