The Meaning of Life

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What gives life it’s meaning? It is caring. If we stop caring, life very quickly becomes meaningless and purposeless.

If we stop caring about ourselves and own health, if we stop caring about the people around us, our heart quickly begins to grow cold. With no love flowing through our thoughts, through our heart or through our actions, we turn instead to selfish consumerism, thinking only of what will bring us instant gratification; some respite from the sense of unease and dissatisfaction we inevitably feel from ignoring the basic need of ourself and others to be treated with gentleness, warmth and kindness.

This is the essence of the human malady – self preoccupation. We endlessly find things that are ‘not right’ about ourselves that we need to fix. We endlessly think about ourselves and how we appear to others. We endlessly think about how secure or insecure we feel in life, and consider how we make an make life better for ourselves, through obtaining more, achieving more, being more…

All this self-obsession begins in our mind, with thoughts about ourselves; thoughts about our position in our social circle, our family, in society, even in the universe perhaps, as we consider our importance and our value to the world. We are measuring ourselves endlessly; judging and determining what kind of person we are.

All this mental thought activity is what sucks our attention into a self-centred world, revolving around our sense of ego (which is an illusory creation of thought), and consequently we become totally blind to the needs of all the people around us.

We are social creatures, and we all benefit from sharing communications with others, from sharing warmth, humour, friendship and care. Just to be listened to attentively is an extremely important and nourishing thing for all human beings. If no-one is willing to listen to us, or give us their attention, one of our deep primary needs is not met, and we suffer with a sense of insignificance.

It is so important to be aware of the people around you, and to be available to them as a listening ear, a helping hand, and a kind and caring heart. This is actually our purpose in this world; to share the warmth of our heart in a very practical way in the world around us. And we find that it brings such a sense of joy and happiness to share our heart with others.

Our heart is designed for this purpose, and we feel this in a very tangible way when we engage with others in a caring and attentive manner. And there is no shortage of people in the world around us who will benefit from our kindness and warmth. It is almost like the stage is always set for us, and all we ever have to do is connect with our heart and play our part…

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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