The Expansion of Self

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For one moment, imagine that you were the ocean, and imagine that you felt the powerful force that the ocean contains, moving in currents and waves through your vast body.

Now imagine that some of that ocean was captured in a cup, yet it remained aware of itself whilst in that cup. Imagine that you are that little bit of ocean, now in a small vessel, trying to remember that feeling of energy, vastness and awesome power that once flowed through you.

That memory of what your essence truly is, still remains within each molecule of you. They all vibrate with the same frequency as that vast, greater whole which you remember as the Ocean, your unlimited self, and you easily remind yourself of this by feeling the fluid nature of your essence.

You dismiss all ideas about the limiting nature of the vessel in which you are contained, and you perceive what you really are; you feel what you truly are, the energetic nature of your essence.

Now imagine that this vessel – in which you are seemingly contained – is left in the warm sunshine. You begin to feel yourself changing as the evaporation of your essence transmutes you into a more etheric form of being; a small cloud of energy, no longer so dense as to be weighed down by the gravity of the Earth. You are becoming a more spiritual, less material version of what you are.

The vessel no longer contains you as you rise up into the sky as an evaporated collection of energy. You are the same, but your form has ascended into a finer expression of your essence. You are aware of being, but the being feels so much freer that when you were contained in that vessel. You now feel uncontained and expansive. You now have the sky as your playground, free of gravity, as you are taken by the wind where the wind wishes to take you.

Surrendered and invulnerable, you feel the deep, exhilarating freedom of spaciousness, of the air, of limitlessness, as you realise that there is no separation between you and it. You feel one with the sky. You have joined its realm. You are the space, the energy and the freedom. You are it all.


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