Opening Our Eyes to the Divine Truth


Imagine being in a deeply beautiful place, but keeping your eyes firmly closed. Why would a person do this? Stubbornness? Disbelief? An interesting dream playing across the back of their eyelids?

Our primary purpose is to open our eyes, so that we understand exactly where we are, and what relationship we have with the essence of the environment in which we find ourselves. It is conscious, intelligent, loving and all-pervading, and it is always communicating with us.

Consider a fish in the ocean. It has a living relationship with the water, because it flows through the fish’s gills, providing life and energy to it. If the fish were intelligent enough, it might recognise the intelligence that also existed within the water – an intelligence that is vast and incomprehensible to a small mind, but evident nevertheless.

We are like fish, in a vast ocean of intelligent consciousness which is not separate from us. It gives us life and it gives us inspiration. It guides us, it supports us, and it brings us what we most need to become aware of its presence. It is fully aware of us, fully present to us in every moment of our lives.

To recognise it, we simply need to be present to it, and we do this by dis-engaging our attention from everything which is not it. Like thoughts for example, which are the most compulsive of human diversions. Also, when we fixate our attention upon any material object, a person or even a particular place, we are also in the realms of distraction, because we are in the realm of form. Spiritual awareness comes from perceiving the nature of the space in which all forms (including thoughts) exist.

Everything exists within a space of consciousness, which we call the Universe. There are many seemingly solid objects existing within this space, but they are not the space; although on closer inspection you would find that on the molecular level they are more space than substance.

This goes to show us that everything is truly permeated with space, which itself is permeated with consciousness and intelligence. Therefore this intelligence is everywhere. But if we try too hard to understand this, we again stray into the realm of distraction, of mental constructs that fill up the spaciousness of our mind so that we lose perspective of the space itself.

This space is where we can look into the eyes of the divine, in the same way that when we look directly at another person, we are actually looking into a dark space in the center of their eye – their pupil. We can see them in there; we see their consciousness and their intelligence. The formless essence of that person is seen by us, through the depth of their eyes, which is essentially just a black hole.

Similarly, we look toward the spaciousness of life to see the all-pervading greater consciousness and intelligence. We cannot look with our thinking mind, because we will only be conscious of mental labels and conceptual ideas; all of which are thoughts. We need to see the space behind the thoughts. When the clouds of thought are not focused upon, and they are allowed to pass, we become aware of the nature of the sky through which they move. It is beautiful in a way which is beyond superficial recognition. Our own depth is what recognises the beautiful depth of the sky, of space, as like responds to like.

This is why looking at the vastness of the night sky fills us with awe. Something inside us responds to its vastness. Something recognises that vastness as an outer expression of itself – the same essence in fact, only projected outwardly. Consciousness recognises the deeply mysterious qualities of consciousness, and it becomes stirred up, awoken into action. It has a job to do; to see that spacious dimension within our existence – to bring it into our consciousness, our conscious awareness.

We are not supposed to be unconscious, we are not designed for it. We have just gotten side-tracked by an interesting daydream of form; a bit like a very compelling television program, which we lose ourselves in. This has happened to most of us to some degree.

Now it is time to step backwards, and see with a more expansive perspective that the content of the television screen is not actually where we are, and what is real. So we withdraw our attention from all thoughts and beliefs about the world, about reality, about ourselves, and what do we perceive? Space. A conscious and intelligent spaciousness, which only our own spacious consciousness can perceive. If we go into thinking about it, awareness of the space vanishes and we see only the content of the thoughts.

So we remain aware of the spaciousness of reality, of the universe, free from thought, and we perceive the spiritual (the non-material) dimension to existence, which is the source of our own intelligent awareness.

This is why meditation is such an essential practice in our daily lives, because it untangles our awareness from thoughts. Our mind becomes more spacious, and we become more grounded as our awareness moves back into our body as it relaxes and also becomes more spacious. Slowly, slowly we become more aware of our heart, as our breath gently brings us back to that inner realm of spacious light, of loving consciousness.

This is the inner realm, the kingdom of heaven within, from where our entire being is activated and begins to resonate like a beautiful bell, or a singing bowl. It is this resonance which opens up our perception to the frequency of divine consciousness. We become aware of it simply because we are resonating on its frequency, which is the frequency of the heart.

So, to simplify the whole process, we only need to attune our consciousness to our heart, simply by becoming aware of it. This is how consciousness works. It simply takes on the vibration – the energetic structure – of that which it is conscious of. Fear, joy, anger, sorrow, beauty… We give our attention to the outward expressions of such energies, and we resonate with them.

This is why choosing where to put our attention is the highest practice of intelligence, because by doing so, we choose the energetic quality of our reality. Our reality is simply the energetic frequency of our consciousness, and when it is aligned with the deeply harmonious frequencies which are encountered within our heart, we come to perceive the divine truth, a higher level of consciousness that simply awaits our decision to tune in to it.

So why do we postpone or avoid doing this? We are simply too attached to the lower frequencies of the material world, which bring us earthly pleasure, satisfaction, comfort and so on. We are addicted in a way to the highs and lows of the drama on the television screen of life. We are addicted to thoughts also, enjoying the illusory sense of security that they bring to our ego, and believing that at some point the realisation we are searching for will be found within them. It it cannot, because the frequency of thought does not match that of the higher consciousness, which essentially is Love. This is why we must walk through the doorway of our heart, and allow it to transform our consciousness to a state of deep harmony and peace, free of division, agitation, hostility and fear, all of which are created by the thinking mind.

Alexander Bell

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