How to expand and evolve

In this world, many things can weigh us down: the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the negative information we consume from all the various media. If we want to embrace and enjoy life to its fullest, we need to stop weighing ourselves down with heavy nutritional, mental and emotional baggage, so that we can feel lighter and freer. With more energy in our body, and no fear, doubt, anger or sadness pulling us backwards, we feel creatively inspired, we feel excited about our life and the possibilities it holds for us.

The first step is to become aware of what is weighing you down. Do you have a predominantly sedentary life-style? Do you eat a lot of cooked, heavy food? Do you give a lot of attention to negative media sources? Do you worry a lot, criticise yourself a lot, judge other people a lot? This alone will fill you with guilt, resentment, anger and more. There is a solution in each of these areas.

If you are too sedentary, create a routine of getting outside and walking, running or cycling for a total of at least 45 mins every day, breathing the fresh air. If you eat a lot of cooked food, introduce more big salads, with lots of things you like in them. Drink more smoothies and juices. If you give a lot of your time and attention to the media (including social) choose something more inspiring, something that makes you feel positive, like spending more time in nature, spending time with friends and family, being creative in some way. If your mind is stuck in negative thought patterns, attend a meditation class, download a meditation app, or listen to inspiring podcasts that help you change your perspective. If you feel really troubled, accept that you may even need professional help, like a counsellor or therapist.

The important thing is to take steps to remedy any situation that is detrimental to your happiness or health. If you give up and say “What’s the point? Nothing is ever going to change” then that is the reality you will choose for yourself. Nothing will change if you wait for it to come from the outside. It is your choices that make the changes occur. This is why you are totally empowered. What you do with your power is your choice. You can convince yourself, “I can’t do anything about how I feel”, which essentially imprisons you in those negative feelings. Or you can ask yourself “what can I do to feel more alive, more peaceful, more healthy, more fulfilled?” There are always practical answers to this question, and asking this question opens the door to freedom, to joy, to expansion and to your evolution as a loving and creative being.


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