Tuning In to Divine Awareness

Imagine you have an FM radio, and you turn the dial in order to tune in to the different stations you like. But for some reason, you never moved the dial all the way to the end, to the top frequency. You don’t know why, but you just have this resistance to doing so.

So you enjoy all the stations that you know, but inside yourself you are aware that for some reason you are afraid of finding out what is playing on the very last station. Perhaps you were told that you would hear bad things. You can’t remember why, but the feeling of resistance is clear.

This represent our consciousness. We give our attention to all the different things that we are used to giving it to : thought processes, emotions, objects, places, sensations, experiences and so on. But there is something else; something that we just never tune into, because we have either forgotten about it, or we are afraid of it.

It is Divine Consciousness. Just as we can tune into our thoughts, and listen to their voice in our mind, we can tune into divine consciousness, and be aware of its communication. It is a different, more refined communication than thought – because it is of a higher frequency – so we have to lift our awareness above the dimension of thought to be aware of it.

It is very difficult to put Divine Awareness into words, but it very clearly possesses the qualities of deep harmony, love, peace and magnificence. You feel these qualities in your being, and they speak very clearly to your heart, which has been waiting for so very long for you to open up to this frequency range once more.

You could see the heart as the receiver for this frequency, and it informs the heart, strengthens the heart and fine-tunes the heart to the necessary resonance, so that it not only receives this frequency, but transmits it also.

You could certainly call this frequency ‘Love’, so why would anyone not want to become aware of it? Why would anyone try to avoid tuning into it? Because Love is powerful – indeed it is the power on which the entire Universe runs – and we do not trust ourselves with such a great power.

Of course, we all want to feel love in our heart, but many people have a resistance to encountering the pain which is held in their heart as a residue from painful life experiences. We have to encounter and release this pain (which is literally tension, held in the heart) if we are to allow our heart to fully expand and open to the depth of Love.

Love is deep. It is not just nice thought and nice feeling that makes everything better. It is a deep state of reality; indeed, it IS Reality – and to allow ourselves to fully reunite with it, we have to let go of everything that is not Love. This means our fears, our judgements, our concepts, our beliefs, our mental understandings; all our thoughts about reality in fact. Only then can we fully experience Reality.

But we have to remember that we can only approach Reality with our heart. We cannot understand this higher frequency with our mind, because the mind is not equipped to receive it. It is simply the wrong piece of equipment, so-to-speak. We only waste our time when we try to comprehend Reality, to comprehend Love. It has to be received in the heart.

So this is the purpose of meditation, yoga, tai-chi and so on. These practices bring our attention out of the thinking mind, and into our body. As soon as our attention is in our body, we are closer to our heart. We are in its territory. As our body relaxes, and energy starts flowing through our body’s energy systems, our heart can more easily communicate with us. What is its communication? It is the language of peace, of joy, of deep inner harmony. We feel these energies radiating from within us, and they permeate our entire being if we just relax and allow them to do so.

There is no need to think about them, understand them and so on. We just have to feel them, and allow them to transform any pockets of darkness, fear, doubt and tension that we may become aware of in their presence.

Usually, as these pockets of fear and darkness are illuminated by higher consciousness, we become aware of the thought system that created them. Thoughts such as “I am going to be punished” or “I am under threat” or “I am not good enough to receive Love” and so on. Whatever negative or fearful belief we accepted as true at some point early on in our life, an area of darkness was created within our being in response to it.

Because the truth is that you are totally loved. Their is no punishing force which wants you to suffer, or wants to teach you a lesson. There is only Love, forever calling you closer and closer, until you let down all your barriers and you merge completely with it. This is when all beliefs and judgements about yourself are abandoned for good, because there is no space for them in Love’s presence. If you fully give yourself to Love, to be a vessel for Love to embody, then anything which is contrary to Love must dissolve.

This is our total fulfilment. This is the end of the isolated, separate self which kept us in the dark for so long. We belong in Love, and nothing can stop us returning there. We just need to relax and allow our heart to be in the driving seat, for Love to guide us all of the time, so that we can make the entire journey in gratitude, in joy and in peace.


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