Meeting ‘God’

Due to the nature of certain religious texts, many people find the idea of meeting “God” absolutely terrifying. This is mainly due to the portrayal of God as some kind of fiery and wrathful patriarch, who dishes out justice and punishment in accordance with how bad a person you are. No wonder people are afraid.

This is not even a remotely accurate picture of God, who is neither masculine or feminine. Neither is God an entity of justice and punishment. God is Love. God is an unconditionally and totally consistent loving force , all of the time, and we would feel this if we could see past our fears. We would feel this if we would just open our heart fully, and allow consciousness (God) to fully occupy our heart.

This is what you could call “The Final Frontier” – the ultimate surrender of our controlling ego – when we allow divine consciousness full residency of our heart. This means releasing the tension and tightness in our heart (which sometimes means releasing past pain). It means seeing all the fears we have carried around for decades: fear of punishment, fear of inadequacy, fear of abandonment, fear of failure.

Subconsciously we are absolutely terrified that we are going to fall short of God’s standards, and that we will be abandoned by him/her, while simultaneously the deepest part of us is crying out for god’s all embracing acceptance and Love. So we find ourselves in a “catch 22” situation, in a “double-bind.” We are longing to feel a warm divine embrace in the depth of our heart, yet we are deeply afraid of being intimate with God, of looking God directly in the eye, for fear of the wrath and judgement we expect to see there.

I can assure you there will be none, because Unconditional Love (which is God’s essence) does not judge and does not punish. We have been sold a version of God which is based on masculine patriarchy, but the truth of God’s nature could not be more different.

God is more like our servant than our master. God is loyal, attentive, ever-patient. God wants us to be happy on the deepest level possibly, deep in our heart. And most of all, God desires a conscious relationship with us, free of barriers. For some, this is the most challenging part, because how do you have a relationship with an entity that you are: a) afraid of, and b) unable to perceive ?

The answer exists in your heart. You have to allow the power of Love, the power of divine consciousness to fully occupy your heart, to feel it beating strongly in your chest. Your heart-beat is God’s heart-beat. They are one and the same. And to function fully, your heart needs oxygen. To be strong (as it needs to be) your heart needs a plentiful supply of oxygen, which we obtain through daily vigorous exercise, deep breathing, yoga, meditation and so on.

When we get lost in thoughts, our breathing becomes shallow, and very erratic, and our attention floats around in our head. So, to bring our full attention into our heart we first need to become aware of our body. We need to relax, so we are not holding any tension. This is true for our heart also. It needs to relax. So we have to get used to observing our body and our heart, and noticing if it feels tight or tense. If it does, we just calmly remain aware of that feeling, and deeply breathe more oxygen into our body. This allows the heart to open and release its tension, as we breathe out fully on each out breath.

Relaxing inside truly is the key to this process. If we relax, fear cannot be present, and there is certainly a deep fear about meeting our divine parent face to face. We just have to remember to relax in the presence of everything that arises, no matter how much our mind tells us that things are going to go wrong, or how we are going to suffer. They are not going to go wrong, and you are not going to suffer. Just relax, because God is totally in Love with you. But you have to trust God, if you are to enter into this loving relationship. Trust is the key. As your trust develops, you realise that no harm can come to you, because God is orchestrating all proceedings, so that you can fulfil your destiny and be an embodiment of Love, of God.

Fear is nothing but interference, like detuning the radio channel and hearing lots of strange sounds that make you feel uncomfortable. These sounds are created by your anxious thoughts, and all you need to do in response is to re-attune to the feeling in your heart, simply by relaxing, breathing and coming back to feeling your heart beating in your chest. Leave the realm of thoughts completely, and enter your body.

When fear is present in our body, our heart tightens and our heartbeat speeds up. So if you become aware of this happening, simply slow down. Slow down your breathing. Breathe gently and deeply, and bring a sense of calm back to your heart. Nothing bad is going to happen if you are afraid. You will just feel afraid! But you do not have to – and you won’t – if you simply relax your heart.

If the heart is relaxed, it is impossible for fear to be present. If there is no tension and no fear in your heart, then you are free. Your heart is free to enjoy God’s loving consciousness, which is beyond words. Suffice to say that it is everything that our heart has been longing for and needing for so very long. It is the completion of our consciousness, the home-coming party, the reunion of the child and its loving parent, in each others arms once again, to henceforth exist together in total joy, safety, security and deep gratitude. It is the ‘happily-ever-after’ that we all dream of, and all that is needed is the strength of mind and strength of heart to choose it, instead of choosing fear.

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
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