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1. World-wide media indoctrination of children
Hitler once said “He alone who own the youth, gains the future” and this explains why he gave so much energy towards indoctrinating the youth of Germany for nearly 20 years. The children matured and became his army, who thought the same way he did and believed what he wanted them to believe, specifically regarding the Jews. They also worshipped him. Exactly the same thing is happening right now, preparing the young people to follow the AntiChrist agenda, which will encourage them to despise the Christians. This agenda is satanic in essence, and this is why the media is openly promoting satanism in many mainstream children’s programmes. This may sound hard to believe, but just look at the evidence in this video.

2. The Identity of The Antichrist.
Why is this important? Because his ultimate agenda is similar to that of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Except rather than an anti-Jewish agenda, he is the spear-head for a global anti-Christian agenda. His agenda is to slowly and subtly rally all the lovers of peace, freedom, tolerance and equality, against those whom are being painted (in the media) as the enemies of a tolerant, permissive, equal and free society: the Christians. You may not see this yet, but it will become obvious. Please watch these 2 videos to fully understand why ‘The Rock’ is most certainly the Antichrist, or go to www.TheRockAntiChrist.com

3. The Reality of Satanic Ritual Abuse
Satanism is far more widespread than most people realise, and the practices of worship that Satanists engage in are cruel, evil and horrific to the extreme. They usually involve the sadistic torture and abuse of children, and sometimes vulnerable adults. Many people were convinced by the huge media disinformation campaign in the 90’s that satanic abuse is not real, but that cover-up occurred solely because satanic ritual abuse is practiced all the way up through the various echelons of society, right to the very top. If it were fully uncovered, a huge number of very powerful people would end up be behind bars, or worse. This is why there is a huge satanic cover-up throughout our society and throughout the media.


I fully understand that all of the information on this page paints a very dark picture, and might encourage a pessimistic outlook on the future. But when light is shone on these things, we can address them and do something about them, rather than just pretend they are not there. Please have faith in the power of God, because miracles are of course possible, and the fact that you are here on this page reading this information means you are part of the remedy.

Please watch the very important videos on this YouTube playlist.

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Satanism is a practicing ‘religion’ just like any other, and it is far more popular than most people realise. You might think of satanists as dressing like goths or perhaps vampires or heavy-metal rockers, but that is mostly just the young people who like the image of satanism. Real practicing adult satanists are usually indistinguishable from other adults; they dress like normal people, they have jobs like normal people, they speak like normal people. They live and work beside us, in towns and cities across the globe, but they keep their true religious beliefs and practices hidden. That’s what ‘occult’ means; ‘hidden’. Occult practices are practised with other groups members in secret, in dark settings and behind locked doors. And for good reason, because these practices often involve sexual deviance and cruel and gruesome rituals such as drinking blood, sacrifice and child abuse.

What is important to understand about satanism is that it stands for everything that is in opposition to Christianity. It is literally the ‘anti’ religion to Christianity. Satanism is about impurity and defilement, rather than purity and innocence. It is about torture and punishment (especially of the pure and innocent) rather than forgiveness, healing and redemption. It is about deception, deceit and manipulation, rather than honesty, decency and integrity. It is about invoking and being possessed by a powerful dark force of fear, evil, hatred and animalistic lust (which is usually deviant), rather than the luminous force of love, joy and peace of God.

Satanism is practiced in much higher echelons of our society than people would believe; right at the very top in fact. We must realise that where there is the highest degree of power, you will find the highest degree of corruption. Where there is the greatest amount of wealth, you will find the greatest amount of greed. Greed and corruption do truly awful things to the human soul; they steer it away from the light, from goodness, from love and care for others. They consume the heart with selfishness; with all the fleshly desires for self-indulgence and self-gratification, not caring who may suffer in the pursuit of ones own pleasure.

In fact the dark and deviant pleasures of the flesh are increased when the suffering, pain and anguish of others is involved, because such pleasures are sadomasochistic at their root. These dark pleasures have the effect of totally corrupting the purity, innocence and goodness of the human heart, and this is their exact purpose; to defile the purity of the most precious thing that God created, in as extreme and dark a way as possible. This is the ultimate act of hatred towards God; to fill with blackness, misery and evil what he created to be filled with light, happiness and joy – the human heart.

Satanism is a religion of total rebellion against God. It’s ultimate aim is to be a continuous practice of defiance, of doing the complete opposite to what God has told us is good, decent and loving. True satanism aims to go as far in the opposite direction as possible, specifically for the purpose of spiting God; to rebel against him and to destroy the magnificence his most precious creation; the human heart.

Satanism encourages its followers to do all the things that they instinctively know are the worst things they can do. Child abuse. Torture. Human sacrifice. Cannibalism. Necrophilia. The darker and more deviant the practice, the greater the rebellion against God, and the greater the feeling of ‘dark pleasure’ experienced by the practitioner. This dark pleasure is essentially the pleasure of Satan, who is a very real spiritual force, despite what many overt satanic practitioners say they believe. As mentioned before, satanism is a religion of deceit, darkness and manipulation. In the Bible, satan is called “The Father of Lies”, and for good reason. This is why you should never believe a single word uttered by someone who claims to be a satanist. Lying – and lying to an extreme – is part of their rebellion against God’s call for us to be honest, upright and decent. Deceit is at the very core of satanism, and no satanist should be trusted an inch.

So when you hear satanic groups claiming that they are standing up for the rights of the oppressed, for freedom, for tolerance, even for love, you can be absolutely sure they are engaged in the practice of manipulation, for the specific purpose of generating more sympathy and interest in their religion. They want to draw people in, just like cancer cells want to infect the healthy cells around them. People who love God should (and generally are) totally open about their love for Him, and their love for Jesus. They want others to know the joy that their religion brings them, as well as the salvation from darkness, which is a great cause for celebration.

But satanists don’t want you to know that they really worship satan. They will relentlessly and convincingly lie about their belief in him, so that more people will be drawn in their direction, believing all the PR about it being a religion of freedom, activism, compassion for the downtrodden and so on. If people knew what truly goes on behind closed doors, what goes on in the minds and hearts of committed satanists, they would run a mile. It is dark, evil, fearful and disturbing to the extreme, and you don’t want to go anywhere near it, trust me. Stay with God and stay with Jesus, because they really do love you, and will not lie to you EVER. God’s love is as transparent and pure as water, and it will rejuvenate and heal you in ways you thought were not possible, I assure you.

So, you may have noticed that the religion of satanism is becoming more and more mainstream; gaining more and more popularity, especially among young liberal-minded people who have been persuaded that Christianity is about oppression, dogma, restriction and being ‘holier than thou’. Trust me, this is not true Christianity. Speak to any happy Christian and they will tell you it is about being loved and protected by God, from ALL harm, darkness and fear. It is about having Jesus by your side, in your heart and in your mind, keeping you in the light, keeping you in peace and joy, keeping your heart strong. It is about caring deeply for your fellow humans, and wanting to protect them from harm and from darkness.

That is why I am writing this now, because I know very well that the darkest of spiritual darkness – that of satan – is desperately trying to win people over by deceptively portraying satanism as a movement of freedom, compassion and empowerment against the evil Christian oppressors. Can you see what satan is doing? He is flipping the tables, and persuading people to believe that the bad guy (who truly has the worst intentions imaginable) is actually the good guy. As I said, he is the embodiment of deception. With the help of Billie Eilish, who has made it clear she is into satanism (see this video), he has gotten young girls believing that if they are good, they are going to hell. Satanism is about inverting everything we instinctively know is right, and convincing us that the opposite is true. Via the media, he is in the process of convincing millions of young people that Christianity is about enslaving them, and that satanism is about liberating and empowering them.

Billie Eilish is doing a wonderful PR job for satanism, as is the programme “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and countless other films, programmes and books which promote satanism and witchcraft as a good thing. (See this evidence video)

Trust me. I can tell you from a lot of spiritual experience that anything that takes you away from God is NOT a good thing. All spiritual light, all love, all goodness, all divine beauty comes from God. If you turn away from God, you turn away from the source of all of these things. Satanism promises liberation, but it will only deliver inner darkness, fear and misery far greater than any human could ever imagine, because the entire (hidden) purpose of the religion is to take its devotees as far away from God as possible.

Jesus on the other hand, will lead you straight into the loving heart of God’s goodness and endless protection, and will make sure that no harm will ever come to you. Don’t believe the deceptive lies of satanism. It wants to lure you down a very dark alley and use your mind and soul for very dark purposes. Demons are real, Satan is real and hell is real. (See this video). Please understand this. Trust Jesus with your heart. He is who He says He is; there is no deception. He is the Son of God; your saviour. Accept him and enjoy eternal protection, perfect peace and the deeply fulfilling love of God. Everything your heart has truly longed for.

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