The True Purpose of 5G: Techno-Communism

I must begin by saying that I am fully aware that many people will respond to this information with disbelief, although I know many will understand the reality of the things written here. I am also aware that it is not a pleasant scenario that I am painting, and so I hope this serves as an urgent wake-up call to encourage us all to do what we can to avert it, which is certainly possible. The future is in our hands.

So, let’s hypothesise for a moment…

How does a totalitarian government enforce compliance among the people? Simple, it needs a punishment system; something it can do to people when they ‘disobey’. Think of communism. How do you control what people watch, look at online, read, listen to and even speak about, so that they stay within the parameters of what is ‘permitted’ by the nanny state? You need a deterrent, an unpleasant consequence that you can administer anywhere, at anytime, whenever disobedience occurs. You need a weapon of sorts. Welcome to 5G.

Due to some very knowledgable and brave people, 5G is now being recognised for what it truly is: an invisible electromagnetic weapon, that is capable of precision targeting with very strong emf frequencies that feel extremely unpleasant to the recipient. (See the short video from the U.S. military below). Such invisible emf weaponry has been in use by the military for some years under the name ‘ADS’ – mainly for crowd control – and it can travel through absolutely anything.

So just consider for a moment the worldwide 5G installation that is occurring right now, while everyone is confined to their homes. All those 5G transmitters and towers being installed outside people’s houses, on lampposts, on every high street, in all public places, parks, libraries, schools, social meeting places, football stadiums and so on… Are we expected to believe that it is all to make our lives better; to make us ‘more connected’? Well it certainly will connect us, but not in the way we want.

The true purpose of 5G is two-fold: firstly to connect us to a ‘SMART’ centrally-controlled A.I. data system that is constantly monitoring, storing and evaluating all the data about what we do online and what we say in our homes (think of Alexa, Siri, and ‘Hey Google’ listening in to your conversations). Secondly, its purpose is to bring us into full compliance with the way of thinking, speaking and acting that the politically correct ‘nanny state’ will deem as acceptable. It will do this through directed beams of invisible emf radiation, which hurt. 5G is so advanced that it can essentially scan your home through the walls, and see where you are located at any moment, because your body transmits electromagnetic information which it can read. It can monitor your every move and administer a blast of painful radiation at any moment. This will all be controlled by A.I. which will monitor everything you do, everything you look at and everything you say, and respond with an emf ‘correction’ blast according to what it has been programmed to respond to, a bit like electric shock treatment. It sounds far-fetched, extreme and perhaps ridiculous, but it would not be wise to dismiss what I am telling to you here.

The aim is technological communism, 1984-style, where any intelligent discrimination between good ideas and bad ideas (i.e. free thought) is discouraged. You have probably already noticed a surveillance-based ‘nanny state’ arising over the past few years under the banner of ‘terrorist prevention’, but in reality it has been happening for many decades.

So, if the information that you choose to watch, browse for, read, listen to and talk about is ‘politically correct’ – i.e. it falls between the parameters of the governing political narrative (a narrative which is not intended to encourage free thought, but rather dictate how you think and feel) – then you will be left alone. No ‘correction’ needed. Consider that. It’s a great incentive to just comply, isn’t it?

If you refuse to comply, well… we’ve all seen the images of people dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan, haven’t we? This system of 5G technological communist governance has already been implemented in China. Why haven’t we heard about it? Because in a totalitarian government, you simply cannot get the truth out, because everything you do is observed. Telling people about your awful oppression at the hands of your own government is simply not allowed. 5G is the perfect all-pervading, city-wide silent weapon, and if you mysteriously collapse in the street one day, then it’s probably just the virus, isn’t it?

Thankfully this is not yet upon us, although the time is getting closer. This article is a wake-up call; an urgent warning about how things will be in the very near future if we all just sit back and continue to be mesmerised by our screens, pacified by all of our favourite foods, and continue to just think “everything is going to be fine”. I am a very positive and optimistic person (as you will see from over 250 articles on my website: but I also have my eyes wide open and I never deny what they show me, no matter how much I don’t want it to be true. What I am saying here may send a shudder down most people’s spines, and so it should, because this is a future that none of us want.

I am not trying to scare you, as I do not believe in spreading fear. But in any society we need people who are up in ‘the crows nest’ of the ship – people with their eyes wide open who can warn us, and point out potential threats coming towards us that we ourselves may not see. Such people are often disbelieved at first, perhaps mocked, criticised or discredited, but they are essential because there is an ever-present tendency within any government which holds power, to gravitate towards wanting total control of the people. This is what communism is, and this is exactly what is unfolding right now, with the United Nations at the helm of world affairs. With capitalism conveniently collapsing before our eyes, it won’t be long until people are offered a free monthly wage for just staying at home. Many people will celebrate, not realising that they are becoming more and more dependent on the government, which is gaining control over more and more aspects of their life. The ultimate control attainable is control over the minds and hearts of the people. This is the aim.

(N.B. I should mention here that The United Nations is a purely socialist organisation, founded by a convicted communist spy, Alger Hiss, in 1945 and whose original charter was co-authored by a soviet communist, Andrei Vyshinsky. Since then, all 10 of its secretary generals have been socialists or communist sympathisers. Even their blue logo is a direct copy of the emblem for the Soviet Union (below). Their entire communist agenda was written down in great detail nearly 3 decades ago in a document called Agenda 21. This morphed into The Agenda 2030 for “Transforming Our World”)

So when rational and intelligible people alert us to potential threats such as totalitarianism, it is wise to listen and carefully consider all the evidence they are presenting. We can then use our own God-given intelligence and intuition to decide how much truth there is in what we are being told, and we should of course do our own research also. But do not rely on the mainstream media to tell you what to believe, because they are usually in service to the government agenda. And don’t be swayed by all the mis-information articles and videos that magically spring up on YouTube / Google whenever a controversial truth reaches the mainstream. You see things like “This is what conspiracy theorists are saying about 5G, but this is the real truth”. I see endless examples of this, and they are usually professional disinformation videos/articles from big channels who have a lot of followers. The government have many ways of influencing popular perception, and reaching the minds of the younger generation via popular culture. Any organisation / channel / website which you see is propagating disinformation (and 5G is a perfect example) should not be trusted in the future, as there is a good chance they are being sponsored, funded and used by the government to conceal the truth. This is the world we live in. Who can we trust?

No doubt there will be articles and videos appearing online which will discredit the information I am sharing with you now. The best response is to add your voice to the truth tellers. Make your own video or write an article about what I am saying here, so that there is a groundswell of truth which pours through the web, and informs people accurately about this very sinister agenda. The light needs to shone relentlessly and courageously in the face of forceful deception, and darkness will eventually be eradicated.

The agenda I am exposing here is a highly controversial matter, and there will be a lot of disinformation, because the truth is highly inconvenient when it comes to implementing nefarious agendas. And there are none more nefarious than what is currently being orchestrated before our very eyes. I am not into conspiracy theories. I am into being wide-awake, aware and fully alert to any agendas which may oppose what we all want; freedom, happiness, joy, health and peace. This government agenda is not theory, but fact. As I mentioned earlier, it is all written down in the U.N. document called “Agenda 21”, which morphed in “Agenda 2030”. If you open your mind to the possibility of this being true, research thoroughly (not with Google) and use your own intelligence, you will discover exactly what is going on.

I am writing this because I care deeply about all human beings. I would very much like to be totally wrong about everything I have written here, but unfortunately I know that is not the case. However, there is good news…

The inevitable question that people will be asking is: “what can we do about this?” Well, thankfully there is still time, and you have much more power than you realise. What happened in London last summer, and made global headlines worldwide? Peaceful mass civil disobedience, courtesy of Extinction Rebellion. My friends, if you don’t get up off your sofas and stand up for humanity, for your neighbours, for your children, for your family and friends now, while it is still possible, then you could be regretting it for the rest of your lives, and I am not exaggerating.

Educate the people you know about 5G, and firmly decide to oppose it. Do it together with your neighbours, with your street, with anyone who understands the gravity of this situation. This entire agenda hinges on 5G. No 5G means no invisible method of coercion, control and ‘correction’, and the U.N.’s planned communist agenda (under the guise of SMART cities) simple cannot work. It will fail. And I believe with all my heart that it will fail.

Make a fuss, make a scene with your neighbours. Get the attention of the local & national media in any way you can. Do it peacefully and non-aggressively. It worked very well for Extinction Rebellion, and it will work for us, because nobody truly wants 5G. If you make your voice heard (especially collectively) I guarantee you that the media will start to take notice, and it will make the news. This can be a peaceful revolution against the 1984-style SMART society that nobody has asked for, yet which has been lined up for all cities across the globe. But we need to do something today, because time is running out before everything is switched on. Wuhan was switched on to being a SMART city in November 2019 and look what happened there. Milan was recently too. Is your town or city next?

There is an urgency about this. Forward this article to all your friends. Switch on your camera and make a YouTube video about this today. If you don’t know what to say, just read this article out, and include this part too. Don’t simply rely on others to spread this information, because if everyone plays a part in alerting people to what is planned, the deception will categorically not be able to continue. If we all stay silent, well… the future could be very dark indeed, and that’s an understatement.

Thank you & God bless you,

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