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Dear friends, I write this with some urgency. For a few years I have taken the opportunity in the evenings – after my children have fallen asleep – to pray and meditate outside, to spend time with and come closer to what I know to be God; the all-pervading intelligent and loving force which we are all part of, which I have known for many years to be more than just a belief system, but an experiential reality.

God is certainly a reality – a loving, eternal, beautiful and deeply vital reality – that we can all experience easily if we step out of our limited thinking, out of fear, judgement, division and essentially, all conceptual thoughts. But nothing takes us further away from God’s love, peace and security than fear. Fear, as I have written about so many times in the past, is like a poison that gives us the worst delusions in our mind, and contaminates our heart.

Releasing and moving away from fear is the most vital and urgent process we should engage with, while simultaneously bringing our mind back to God. And there is no other day in which to begin this. We really need to seize the day, and realise that there is an urgency. The urgency exists because fear and darkness is swelling and growing at a fast pace, due to the information being poured through the mainstream media every day. You may have noticed it, or you may have not. Very dark and disturbing messages, in music, pop videos, TV programs, Hollywood films, books, video games and even advertising.

I have been observing the media’s messages carefully for over 15 years, and things have changed in the past year or so. There has been a concerted effort to pour as much darkness as possible into the minds of as many people as possible, (especially children’s), via the above-mentioned media avenues. I am not expecting or asking for you to believe me, but the above video should make this undeniably obvious to you. I wouldn’t share this information with you if it was just speculation, or some theory that I’d subscribed to. I have not. I have just kept my eyes wide open and watched the media agenda very carefully for a very long time. I have been witnessing a concerted effort being very strategically and thoroughly employed throughout the media machine, to spread fear, violence, division and a very disturbing degree of darkness and evil.

And I know very clearly what the intended outcome is, as with careful observation and investigation into the highly predominant themes in the media’s messages, a very obvious picture begins to form, and unfortunately it is not pretty. If you would like to know more about this, I recommend watching the recent videos on my YouTube channel:

So, given the gravity of the situation (which you will have to trust me is very serious indeed), I will share with you the message with which I was awoken tonight, after one of the most intense and powerful dreams I have ever had (and I don’t mean this message to be negative, worrying or upsetting; I have just been compelled to share the urgency of the situation).

You may have heard or read about the “end times” in the book of Revelation, in the Bible. In the past I had always avoided it, because I never, ever wanted to believe that there was a possibility it could occur as it is written. But I am compelled to tell you that we are certainly in those times now, and there is an enormous deception occurring, with the intention to lead as many people astray into the darkness (fear) as possible. And because this deception is harnessing the all-pervading reach of the media into people’s minds, most people don’t even realise that it is occurring. I hope these words are not falling on deaf ears, because I write solely with the intention to jolt you awake and see that we are approaching a critical juncture, where you will need to know what is actually going on, or else you are likely to be confused and afraid, and thus at the mercy of those who are intentionally propagating this fear for nefarious political and spiritual purposes.

8 years ago, God led me on a challenging journey; the culmination of which was encountering Christ and accepting him into my heart. This was never a big deal or a challenging decision for me, as I have always had an affinity with Jesus. But it was an essential step, that I was led to take with great significance and poignancy. It was clear that it was vital that I accept Christ. I am not a big bible reader, but I write to you to tell you that what is written in the book of Revelation is not fantasy fiction. We are now amidst the most challenging time that humanity has ever known, and if we are going to get through it, we need to know Christ.

As I said, I am not a avid Bible reader, although I do value it greatly as the word of God. I get my direct knowledge from my spiritual experiences and the information that is shown to me when I go outside at night and become silent, pray, meditate, commune with God, pay attention to my dreams, stay alert and keep my eyes wide open for deceptions (which occur predominantly through the media).

There is no longer time for me to skirt around the most vital issue, which is that to get through what is going to occur in our civilisation, we need to know Christ. We need to trust that Christ can save us from the darkness and fear that is spreading exponentially. Because without Christ, our logical mind will see no way out. Without Christ, fear will surely overcome our heart, such is the scale and intensity of the fearful and dark agenda.

You may have already noticed the direction things are going in, especially in the media, but if you haven’t I ask that you trust I am speaking from a spiritually aware perspective. No-one has convinced me of what I know. I have been watching the media very, very carefully for many years, and its agenda has now crystallised. As I said, it is deeply concerning and if you would like to know more, pleas watch my videos. But please, consider that Christ is a VERY real spiritual force, and the only force that is capable of protecting you from the darkest of darkness, from the intensity of evil and the fear it propagates.

Please take these words to heart. Christ does indeed offer salvation from the darkness, and what have you got to lose by asking him to occupy and fortify your heart? I hope you will choose the most powerful assistance that is on offer, in the challenging times which are to come.

God bless you,


If you doubt the gravity of the situation, please
see my latest videos which reveal what is happening
in great detail. Thank you.

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“It is simple to be 100% free from fear, but we need God’s help.”