Video Blog : “Waking Up…”

If we completely clear this moment of thought, all mental problems and all mental suffering simply disappear, because we are not thinking. There are no dilemmas, there are no fears or worries, there is no judgement and no anger.

All emotional turbulence subsides, no longer stirred up by the mind. We then become aware of what we are feeling in our body – our physical presence in this world. Is our body tense? Are we holding ourselves in, keeping ourselves rigid and tight?

The inevitable next step is to relax, and to continue relaxing. With thinking put aside, no further tension is created, and we just enjoy being here, breathing, being calm inside, feeling grounded and connected to Life.

The mind may pop up with thoughts, like “What should I do now?” And the answer to this specific question is: You can do whatever you want to do. You are free. You can choose. You can stay where you are. You can sit on a mountainside for the rest of your life if you choose to, or you can fulfil your responsibilities in this world. You can help others or you can sit on the sofa eating chocolate bars all day. You can do your job and enjoy it, or you can complain about it. You can change your job. You can choose because You Are Free.

So whatever you choose to do, take responsibility for consciously choosing it, and choose wisely, knowing that your choices either nourish you, assist you to harmonious inside, to feel fulfilled and purposeful, or they do not. How you feel in this world is totally in your hands…


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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