You Are Redeemed

Our critical and self-judgemental mind will tell us that we are guilty, condemned, that we’ve messed it up too many times, that we’ve missed the boat, that we are no longer deserving of the goodness and beauty of life, that we’ve strayed too far…

But I can tell you with total authority that this is not true, and can never be true. The love and forgiveness which are forever available to us are unconditional, and are never retracted. We are the only ones who deny ourselves the total healing which they offer our heart, and all we need to do is accept them.

This simply means that we stop punishing ourselves with our thoughts of guilt and self-condemnation, and we come back to the innocence, vulnerability and the total need for love and forgiveness which exists in our heart. No matter how undeserving you may believe yourself to be, everything is forgiven. But if you are to experience the instantaneous healing which is possible in every human heart, you have to choose to forgive yourself. This means that you stop punishing yourself, condemning yourself, and feeling guilty. Will you do this?

Remind yourself of the absolutely vital fact that you are already totally forgiven. It was only your highly critical and self-judgemental mind, inherited from your upbringing, your society and your culture, that told you that you were unworthy, guilty, and beyond redemption. But unconditional Love is always accessible and never withheld, because it is the very essence of the Universe. Judgement, guilt and punishment are merely human creations; a structured belief system that we absorb into our psyche, into our mental conditioning, which we allow to run (and ruin) our life.

So all we need to do is realise that these harsh and critical energies are not coming from ‘out there’, from the Universe, from ‘God’… they are simply coming from our own mind. And the good news is that because human beings are so prone to changing their mind so easily, this is all we need to do. We simply look at ourself through the eyes of forgiveness, rather than through eyes of judgement and guilt. We see that the innocent child whom we once were is still in our heart, afraid, belittled, and trying desperately to feel safe. We need to see this part of us, which is actually who we truly are; this innocence, this gentleness. There we reside, within our heart, desperate to feel safe enough to come out and be who we really are, to express our happiness, our playfulness and joy. Who would condemn and punish an innocent child? Do you deserve that?

All that child longs to feel and experience is the absence of judgement, the absence of harshness, the absence of disappointment and criticism. It remembers them only too well from its formative years, as it grew up around adults who were not as forgiving and unconditionally loving as we needed them to be. There may have been punishment. Love may have been replaced by anger and critisim at the times when we most needed it to be shown, when we needed to know that it would always be there and never be withdrawn. But it was withdrawn, and we learned to adapt and control our personality in order to ensure that the love and approval was not withdrawn so often.

Yet this was something totally out of our control, so not only did we fail at keeping love present, but we also forgot who we were in the process of trying to be someone more deserving of love. What that child really needed to know, and still needs to know now because it is still there, is that there is nothing wrong with it. It is beautiful and it is totally loveable.

So when we just stop the mental barrage of judgement, guilt and condemnation that rains down upon that innocent child like a cold and harsh rainstorm, and we let the sun come out and shine it’s warmth upon them instead, healing occurs. Pain and fear are erased, and love is restored.

Be the healer of that innocent child, not its punisher. Be the loving force, the gentleness that it needs and longs for. Protect it from the harshness of the world, by not allowing that harshness to enter your own mind. Provide a sanctuary, a safe haven where judgment will not enter, where forgiveness and affection reign. Love that child, for that child is you, and you need your Love.

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
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  1. Rich says:

    Another awesome article. Thank you

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