Love’s Life-line

‪In this and every moment, Love is trying to reach you, to show you its healing truth. But we need a truly humble and receptive heart, which is not attached to other things.

If our heart is closed, afraid, dependant upon people and material things for its sense of security, then the intelligence of Life will orchestrate our life circumstances so that we come to a point where we realise we need to surrender our attachment to them and to our egoic will, and open our heart to its divine benevolence. It has a better plan for us.

Many people believe they don’t need it. They have their own strong will, they have the ability to create and obtain all the material comfort they desire. What need have they of Love, when they are comfortable, popular and affluent? But life will break us down, so that we come to a point where we are humble and receptive to what life wants us to accept. We are emotionally and psychologically deconstructed by Life, until we are ready to be rebuilt in the image of Love.

If we are attached to things and people that we depend upon for our sense of security, and we do not learn to let go of our attachments, they will be taken from us in an unsettling way that means we have no choice but to attach to what we truly need for our inner strength and peace.

We need to reattach ourselves, through our heart, to Love and the total security and providence it offers. If we are getting our sense of security from anything else, eventually it will be taken away from us in some way, until we learn to re-attach our heart to Love. This is our only true life-line in this world, and life is arranging things so that we can be saved by Love’s grace and healing.

Be wise, and make the process easier for yourself by consciously learning to mentally and emotionally let go of all your material attachments (which also includes all the thoughts you believe). Learn and practice being completely content and secure in the knowledge of Love’s deep providence, which is all we can truly rely on in this beautiful, divine Universe.


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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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