We are all in need of healing in some shape or form, and this post is specifically about healing the heart and mind.

Does our mind need healing? Well, in truth, the mind is only divided by the thoughts which we give our attention to. The thoughts which belong to the ego that compare, judge, dissect, label and compartmentalise the entire universe.

If we were to take a sustained break from all such those, and especially those thoughts which emphasised ourself as being separate from the rest of the universe, we would start to experience the healing of the mind. We would sense our awareness joining with the consciousness that surrounds us, of which all living creatures partake, and which permeates the very air we breathe. It is only our thinking mind that divides up this consciousness, assuming that it is in some places, and in others it is not. It is everywhere, as it is the very fabric of reality, and we can perceive this when we are in a state of expanded consciousness, such as meditation for example.

And what of the heart? How does it heal? Well, essentially as it releases its deeply held tightness and tension (which is what fear is) the heart is able to accommodate more love. So when we encounter the pain in our heart that has come from holding it tight like a fist for so many years, we just need to consciously relax it, like we would any muscle, and say “yes!” to love.

To deny love is insane, and it is the cause of our deepest suffering, because our heart is designed to have love flowing through it. Our joy, happiness, security and sense of freedom are all a consequence of the openness of our heart. Of course, our heart can be open in some moments and then close again (often in response to other people) so we need to learn how to help our heart to be courageous in those moments and stay open. Although this may seem scary, we have to remember that experiencing love’s beautiful presence is the reward for doing so, and love can never hurt us. It is only closing our heart, and holding it in tension which is painful.

So, as we re-develop a sense of trust that it is totally safe (and very intelligent) to keep our heart open, we rediscover our true source of strength. We rediscover our passion and our inner fire. When love is allowed to flow within us, it can guide us. If we restrict it, it cannot do this. This is why it is very important that when we notice that we want to close our heart, we be brave and remain sensitive, remain open. This is true courage, and we are all capable of it. It is usually just a choice, that we allowed to become an unconscious reaction in response to certain triggers. If we watch ourselves, we can see when and why we choose to close our heart, become cold, become uncaring and so on. And as we see this, we can choose differently. It takes practice, but fortunately life gives us every day to do so, in every interaction, in every moment we are relating with the world.

It has been said that “Earth is a classroom, and love is the lesson” and this is a highly accurate description of why we experience all that occurs to us on a day-to-day basis. As we learn how to choose to think, speak and act in harmony with love’s invisible presence, we become an embodiment of love. We experience healing as we venture more and more into its protective and benevolent realm; a realm which is calling to all of us, all of the time. “Jump on board..”  it says, “and leave the world of loneliness and suffering far behind you…”


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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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