Tuning in to our heart

Consider this analogy… Your attention is like a radio tuner that can scan through different frequencies, and tune into its chosen station. When you tune into a station, that is the reality you experience. It is like choosing what song you want to listen to, and consequently feeling the way the song makes you feel. You are free to choose any song, thus any mood. We should choose carefully…

We can tune into the frequency of thought, and experience the reality that thinking creates. We can tune into the frequency of emotion, and experience the feelings that result from doing so. And we can also tune into the frequency of our heart and experience joy, compassion, gratitude and peace, sometimes just by simply feeling it beating in our chest. We always have such an option available to us.

Each frequency brings us a very real experience, but of varying depth. The reality created by thought is shallow and insubstantial, like watching a film on a cinema screen. The film is not real, you are just watching coloured light on a blank screen.

Conversely, the reality of joy is experienced in the depth of your heart, and sends a radiant joyful energy outwards through the whole of your body, illuminating your mind also. It is a very enriching and complete experience, full of warmth and light. It is deeply fulfilling for our entire being.

In contrast, the fear, contraction and absence of energy that we feel in our body when we tune into the frequency of negative thoughts brings a deep sense of disharmony into our entire being. We all know this. We feel uneasy, uncomfortable, agitated, perhaps anxious. And this is why it is good to learn how to tune out from such experiences, such unpleasant experiential realities, as they offer us not even the smallest bit enjoyment or pleasure, as our heart contracts and tightens up, bringing our awareness into more shadowy realms of consciousness.

So, to tune out of thoughts and the emotional disturbances they create in our body, and to tune back into a sense of balance, light and harmony, we need do only 2 things…

1: Relax our body
2: Give our full attention to our breathing

As the body relaxes, the oxygen from our breath can flow more freely around our body, and we become more aware of how we feel physically. Our cells become awakened as we become more deeply oxygenated and thus more grounded, no longer trapped in our mind. The relief this brings is wonderful and liberating.

As we continue to relax and follow our breath, we start to notice that our heart begins to relax also. We feel more peaceful, as anxiety and tension fades away. Sometimes at this point, our thinking mind will attempt try and spoil our peace with a thought of some sort. This is quite predictable, and not a problem, because as you see the mind doing this, you simply dismiss the thought before you get involved in it, and simply return you attention to your breathing and to relaxing your body.

Even if you do get involved in the thought momentarily, when you realise this has happened you simply recognise that you got distracted, and you just tune back in to your experiential bodily feeling, by coming back to your breathing, to your body, and to your heart if you wish. These are your anchors to this deeper, more grounded and expansive awareness

This space beyond thought is a space to be enjoyed deeply. It is the space of simply being. The effortless experience of who you are.

We can tune into this space anytime, because it is always there. We just tune out from the level of thought, and we relax, breathe and come back to our body. We will always find it. Nothing could be simpler, and more effortlessly enjoyable. Try it now…

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