Heaven on Earth, Here and Now


Heaven on Earth is a state of consciousness which is available to you in this present moment. Essentially, all you have to do is attune your mind to the necessary frequency, which is a frequency above and beyond that of thought – a much more harmonious and pure frequency, which resonates totally with your heart.

Therefore, all you need to do is bring your attention towards your heart; relax it, feel it beating in your chest… just experience what your heart feels like, and allow it to become free of tension. Because the tension is simply fear which has been allowed to take root in your heart, which naturally stops your attention fully occupying your heart as it designed to.

So learning to relax your heart is essential if you wish to perceive reality from the heart’s perspective, which is a much deeper and more real perspective than the perspective we get when we see the world through the lens of the thinking mind. It literally distorts everything, creating darkness and shadows in a realm where there need not be any.

Essentially, we need to practice seeing the world with our heart. It helps a lot to focus upon the natural world, to be in nature as much as possible, away from the disharmony and distraction that media and technology usually impose upon us. We then find our awareness attuning to the energy and vibration of the natural world, which is totally harmonious in its frequency. Because consciousness itself is a frequency, if it is not strongly anchored within our heart it will attune itself to the frequency of that which it beholds. And most people will give their attention indiscriminately to whatever comes in front of their eyes, because generally we are very undisciplined when it comes to where we put our attention.

This has to change if we are to become aware of the higher realm of light, which we truly need to, because this is the reality in which we discover who we truly are, and what life truly is, free of illusion, free of darkness. It is where our consciousness comes from and belongs

Reality is naturally totally luminous, so we simply need to remember how to perceive it in a very relaxed and receptive way, without projecting shadows upon it with our thoughts, without interfering with it, and without expecting anything. All that is needed is a trusting and open heart, and a clear mind, both of which come as a result of meditating. Many people like to believe they can bypass spiritual practice and come to Truth mentality, by reading about it, understanding in some way what it is, and avoiding the need for the clarity and openness which are necessary in both the heart and mind. But the mind must learn to attune to this new divine frequency, and the heart must learn how to remain relaxed and open in its presence.

The heart becomes stronger, emboldened by consciousness. The mind become focused and disciplined – a clear channel of perception. We can then allow ourselves to embody a higher frequency of consciousness, waking up long-dormant but essential parts of our being, which is a deeply fulfilling and illuminating experience.

Essentially, this is simply a process of remembrance; remembering the light, remembering our relationship with it, remembering our purpose. For some, when this awareness comes it seems “too good to be true” because they are so used to broken promises, to expectations ending in disappointment and pain. As a result, the heart will not be fully allowed to open up, because it is anticipating pain. This is where our courage is required. We have to open up and trust Life, even though our heart may feel vulnerable or afraid. Seeing that we are often anticipating pain, then releasing this fear and trusting we are safe to relax our heart is the most significant step to setting our heart free of darkness, isolation and unhappiness – all of which is illusion, upheld by our mental choices and tendencies.

As we let go into love, into trust, gratitude, light and freedom, we evolve. Our consciousness ascends to a higher frequency, and reality adjusts accordingly. But don’t waste any time thinking about any of this. Just take this opportunity, this present moment to bring your attention to your heart. Practice relaxing it, feeling it and enjoying it. Enjoy breathing life and consciousness into your body, feeling more grounded, feeling more alive and vital. Your heart becomes stronger as you do this, nourished by your attention, eager to serve you with its joy, love and gratitude as it welcomes you in its luminous realm, where you belong.

Alexander Bell


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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