Learning Life’s Lessons

Life is a curriculum, and there are lessons we are here to learn. Compassion, gentleness, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, humility, patience, selflessness, joy, trust and faith. As we successfully learn each lesson, we evolve into new realms of fulfilment and joy, ecstasy and delight.

We often feel that life is against us, or perhaps just going nowhere, without a purpose or meaning. This usually occurs because we have stopped learning, and gotten comfortable with our level of consciousness. We have enough money for our favourite food, for internet, for TV, for alcohol and so on, and this keeps us comfortable enough that we decide there is nothing more to learn.

But we suffer. Your heart will start to wither, deep joy becomes a long forgotten memory. We become comfortably numb; joyless, passionless, lifeless, purposeless, with consumerism the only appealing option. But life will not leave you alone. As darkness encroaches in your mind, due to your heart closing up, we see exactly where our path is headed. Choosing unconsciousness is only an option if we want to live in the cold, dark, loveless shadows, but this goes totally against our nature. No-one truly wants this.

Most people just want to avoid pain, and thus create a bubble in which they do not have to feel the fullness of their heart, and thus the tightness and pain they have held there. This is understandable, but it is not sustainable. Every part of our being takes joy in expansion, in illumination, in moving beyond limitation and restriction and embracing the beautiful divine energies of the universe, of Life. We do this as we learn our lessons.

As we learn to let go of resentment and bitterness through forgiving ourselves and others. As we learn to let go of past pain by being brave enough to open our heart, to reveal to others the sensitive person who we really are. As we learn to let of negative attitudes, and dare to be positive in our attitude, to be optimistic about life. We learn that pessimism creates a certain reality in our mind, as does optimism.

Pessimism is not realism, because it completely overlooks the divine creative power of love, of faith, of joy and passion. Passion is a hard lesson to learn when we are down and depressed. We cannot force it, but we can change all the habits that create negative feelings in our body, and negative attitudes in our mind. Over-consumerism of unhealthy food and information, a sedentary indoor lifestyle, addiction to technology, to entertainment, to distraction.

We have been given a magnificent and beautiful planet upon which to learn our lessons, and we need the inspiring energies of nature to help us learn them, to attune to universal harmony, joy and peace. Nature is our greatest ally, and it is always speaking to our heart. They work together, as a team. Nature helps us heal, with its harmony, its beauty, with its clean air, water and nourishing food. If we use it and embrace it daily, by strengthening and oxygenating our body and heart through outdoor activity, we attune to natures perfect harmony very easily.

This feeling of inner harmony helps us to understand life and thus to stop stubbornly resisting what it is trying to teach us. It encourages and motivates us in learning life’s lessons much more willingly, more easily, and much more joyfully. The rewards for successfully learning life’s lessons are always more than we could have ever hoped for, and in truth, they are what we are all searching for.



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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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