The consequences of your choices are intensifying…


Many people focus on the news, reported by the mainstream and alternative media, and use it as a basis for their view of the world – be it a positive one, a negative one, or somewhere in between.

But the very most important ‘event’ which is occurring on this planet – so much more important than all the news stories – is happening right here, right now, within your own state of consciousness, which is evolving in this very moment. 

Have you noticed? Slowly but surely, consciousness is intensifying. It is the very most important thing to be aware of, so I will explain what this means…

If your consciousness is invested in fears and worries, slowly but surely they will become more and more intense, until you are so convinced that such terrible things are about to occur that you will either have a nervous breakdown, a heart attack, or go crazy.

However, if your consciousness is invested in your peace, in your heart, your sense of inner joy and freedom will become more and more intense, until you feel as though you are overflowing with bliss, joy and happiness, and all you want to do is encourage everyone to open their eyes to this reality, to this truth – the highest reality we are capable of perceiving with our being.

So, it is clear that we have a choice of which experience we wish to become more and more intense. No longer can we indulge our fears and worries and tell ourselves “it does not matter what we think about”. It does matter, but up till now we have been shielded from the full effect of our choices of consciousness, because we have not been ready to use the full power of our consciousness safely and responsibly. It is like not giving a young person a hammer and nails to use, until you know for sure that they can use them responsibly and safely, without hurting themselves or someone else.

The time has come now on Earth for us to step forward and take full responsibility for our own consciousness, and thus our own experiences. No longer can we delude ourselves in blaming others, blaming God, blaming the government, the “powers that be” etc. for our unhappiness, for our sense of isolation, for our fear, anger or sadness. It is time for us to take full responsibility for all of these things, and by doing so, realise how we have been creating them with the choices that we make on the many levels of our being, in every moment, every day.

For example, we have a choice of what thoughts we believe, and in turn this influences how we behave and how we communicate, depending on the nature of the thoughts: good or bad, peaceful or not-so-peaceful. And if we transcend thought altogether and become aware of what lies beyond thought – the realm of silence, peace and inner beauty – then this awareness will also be expressed through our being in very benevolent and harmonious ways.

You see, it is the energy of harmony which it is imperative that we attune to. This harmony is experienced everywhere in the natural world, and more importantly, it is experienced within our entire being when we are in a state of peace, when we are in touch with a deeper part of ourselves than just our thoughts; in touch with our heart.

Negative thoughts are the biggest problem because of the disharmony they create within us, often without us even realising it. We might watch the news, believe the stories presented to us and think (perhaps subconsciously) “Oh my goodness, something bad is going to happen soon..” 

And what happens? Fear is created within us. Deep inner disharmony is experienced, in which every cell of the body contracts in fear. What can we do? How can we deal with this?

You see, in the distant past (and this also occurs within the animal kingdom) the fear would be a result of a threatening situation – like the presence of a predator for example – and the entire body would shift into ‘fight or flight’ mode. It would tense up and energetically prepare itself for an explosive burst of energy, so that it may either escape its predator with speed, or fight it with great aggression.

So what happens when we watch the news, for example, and we are told of a major global threat – a widescale global war perhaps? If we believe the story then we will most likely fear for our own well-being. We may think “Am I safe? How can I find safety in this situation?” and start to consider how we can find security for ourselves and our loved ones. This type of thinking comes from the ‘fight or flight’ mentality. “Flight” means to find safety. “Fight” means to destroy the threat.

So what if we are being convinced by the media stories that neither is possible? – that we cannot escape, and we cannot remove the threat. What on earth do we do then? We believe we are destined to suffer in pain, and so we become consumed by fear, as every cell of our body contracts, our muscles tighten, our breathing becomes restricted, and our attention fixates completely upon this fearful scenario that has been planted and encouraged to grow in our mind. This is the grip of fear.

But amidst all of this, what would happen if you relaxed your body? If you brought your attention away from those thoughts, and allowed your breathing to flow deeply and calmly (essentially, removing all the physiological symptoms of fear)? Would fear still be there? No. Amidst all the imagined threat, you would be in a state of harmony, relaxed and calm. 

Does that sound insane? I must tell you, it is the only sane course of action. Because to be in fear is to be in hell. But to be in a state of inner harmony and peace, completely irrespective of what appears to be occurring externally, is to be in contact with heaven; the transcendental realm of untouchable peace.

But really, we do not need to concern ourselves with such scenarios, because the threat we are being so thoroughly convinced of by the “bad news media” is not real. It is very convincing, and globally many people are envisaging its occurrence in the very near future because of the all-pervading influence of the media. But do you really trust the media and the news? And if so, why? 

Does the media aspire to make your life richer, empower you, inform you how to be freer, happier, more loving? Or does it just present you, day after day, with reasons to be afraid? Reasons to be pessimistic? Reasons to be distrustful and suspicious? 

Some people may say “well the media is just showing the facts of reality, because these bad things are happening on earth, and the world is in turmoil..” Yes, bad things are happening on earth, but in terms of ‘world events’ they are significantly  in the minority because there is much goodness, and enormous positive change occurring on the planet. Truly wonderful things are happening, but if we allow our minds to be sucked into the pessimistic and fearful viewpoint propagated by the bad news media, we will have difficulty seeing the goodness. We will not become aware of the 90% positive news, occurring as the consciousness of humanity evolves towards higher realms and expressions of compassion, care, humility and peace; our minds will be fixated only upon the 10% bad news, which just so happens to be broadcast into every home, printed in every newspaper and transmitted on every radio station. No wonder people are struggling to see the light which illuminates our way forward as a species.

So what can we do? It is easy – do not rely on the media (in any shape of form) for your world view. If we spend more time in nature than we do consuming news stories, we will be informed of a much deeper truth; one that our heart instantly recognises as genuine. We will get a deep intuition of a bright and beautiful future for all inhabitants of planet earth, one that our heart has always longed for. And it will be so. The only question is whether we get there smoothly with minimal turbulence, or do we get there after much trauma and upheaval. We would be wise to choose the first, and each one of us certainly has the power to do so.

This is why it is essential that we establish a reliable way of staying connected to our sense of peace and trust in the path forward. Both will be tested, so they need to be strong to ensure we are not pulled into negativity and doubt.

For this purpose, relaxation and meditation are two of the most important tools to incorporate into our daily lives, because both restore peace to the body and bring greater awareness of our heart’s peace and our sense of inner harmony and positivity. It is these innate qualities which we need to focus our attention upon, because it is important that we are one of the people that brings hope to others who may not be so strong. This is a deeply important, yet very simple role that we can all play, just by being ourselves, relaxed and happy. 

Being in nature as much as possible is also a very powerful way to support our sense of inner harmony and peace. I would say it is essential on a daily basis to spend at least one hour in a peaceful natural environment, attuning to nature’s deep harmony and absorbing its peace, because it is like food for our heart and soul. 

Many people do not practice meditation because they find it difficult to address the power of their own mind, and the thoughts which come and go from there. So for those people I would say just forget the word ‘meditation’ and understand that the important thing is experiencing the peace which lies beyond thought. We cannot rely on thoughts for our peace because thoughts are dualistic by their very nature. For every positive thought, their is a counteractive negative thought, and as long as we are looking to our mind for solutions to any inner disharmony or disturbance, we leave the door open to the influence of all thoughts. 

The intelligent thing to do is to go right to the source of our peace, the source of our feelings of harmony, happiness and inner strength – our heart. A very simple and practical way of doing this – which everyone can do – is to put your hand on your heart and to feel it beating. Try it now. Put your hand on your heart, and feel your heart beating. As you do so, just continue to breathe in and out gently, without getting pulled into thinking. If you notice that you get involved in a thought, just relax, stay calm and come back to your breathing and the beating of your heart. This is all you need to do, and it is as easy as it sounds. You only need to move your attention away from your mental experience, toward your physiological experience, and observe that instead. 

Your natural physiological and mental state is one of total harmony, and when not interfered with by the anxious mind, this harmony is strong and deep. As we spend more time attending to this part of ourselves, nurturing it and feeding it with health and consciousness, we become like a strong tree, deeply rooted in peace and vitality, unmoved by the winds of change, no matter how strongly they may blow.

Alexander Bell

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