Evolving Your Spiritual Understanding


Human consciousness is now nicely saturated with the essential understanding that this present moment is all that exists – that future and past are just mental states. So it is time for collective wisdom to advance a little, so it can move away from a purely cerebral experience of this moment, to a deeply blissful one. The collective peak of our consciousness is now being witnessed, and people are really ‘getting it’ that this very moment contains everything that we need.

But we have to do more than get it. We have to embody presence, so that we are feeling it, experiencing deeply the sense of total fulfilment and the perfect harmony of life’s energy within our body, in every cell, as they vibrate with life’s innate joy.

It feels deeply blissful, because the body is free from the smallest drop of tension (all of which is created by the mind) thus there is no interference in our cells from disharmonious energies created by thought. There is only relaxation, expansiveness and a very tangible feeling of positive energy circulating freely through our body. If you relax your body now, you can feel it. This is a very grounded state, in which the ‘divine electric current’ of consciousness can continuously flow through us, because we are connected to the Earth, through the feeling our body.

This is essential, and it helps us be free of the mental reality created by our thoughts. We are not just thinking beings, we are feeling beings, and we should remember that all the positive feelings we want to experience are available to us now, if we come out of our mind, back into our body, and enjoy the feeling of simply relaxing and breathing. It is being, but it is not thinking about being. It is feeling our being. And when we are feeling our being, feeling our presence in our body in this world of energy, a much deeper kind of understanding can occur.

We can experientially understand our true relationship to higher consciousness, which is an expression of loving, energetic intelligence, just as we are. We feel our connection to that consciousness which is greater than us, and thus our identity changes from being something separate from it, to being an undivided part of it. But this can only be felt to be truly understood, because we cannot understand a feeling. If we try, it simply ceases to be a feeling and becomes a concept. So we must keep our attention with feeling, with our sensing. Thought is not at all needed for us to do this. It merely distracts us from the realm of feeling.

So the practice to remember is simple: Relax your body, and allow your breath to flow. If your attention goes into any thought (which essentially disrupts the flow) bring it back to your breathing and to the feeling of relaxation and of energy flowing in your body.

Each breath fuels the sensation of energy flowing in your body, because more oxygen means more consciousness – both in your body and also in your mental alertness. This is why conscious breathing is the central theme within most spiritual practices. Greater consciousness is always encouraged by a greater supply of oxygen. This is one if the main reasons why we feel more alive, more alert, more grounded and more balanced in nature. Our cells are being flooded with their prime fuel, oxygen, and we feel it.

Couple this abundant supply of oxygen with a sense of relaxation and ease within the tissues of the body, and you will find that experiencing the joyful depth of fully inhabiting your body, and feeling your heart in a very tangible way in this moment, is not only totally effortless and natural, it is also completely unavoidable.

Alexander Bell


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