The Fire in Our Heart


Just like the Sun burns brightly out in space, deep within our heart burns the flame of our consciousness. This is where our inner warmth comes from; it is where the brightness of our mind comes from, and this inner fire needs fuel. This is our primary job – to give our inner fire the fuel it needs.

We must do this in very practical ways, because we have a body, and our body requires us to be totally practical. We cannot fuel the heart’s fire with theories, philosophies, or deep mental understandings. This inner flame needs oxygen – it’s prime fuel – it needs attention, its strength needs renewing daily, and it needs to exist in a space of ease, relaxation and openness.

This last one is very important, because if we are holding tension in our chest, the heart struggles. If our body is tense, we feel it in our heart too, and thus our heart is restricted in its ability to expand, to open and share its consciousness, like a rose opens and shares its beautiful scent.

If our heart is held in tension, how can we deeply breathe oxygen and vitality into it? How can our heart be strong if it is afraid? It cannot. We have to release the tension in our heart (which is how fear manifests in our body), and we have to be very aware that we are not creating more. How do we do this?

To release the tension in our heart, we relax it. It is that simple, and it is the only way.

So ask yourself this question… what makes your heart relax? Perhaps it might be certain types of music, perhaps it could be being in nature, or meditating… it could be many, many things. Just become aware of a few things now that help your heart to relax and feel freer.

These things are the practical tools you need to use every day in your life to help your heart remain relaxed and open. It needs to be strong, and it is strongest when it open and loving, because love is its power, its fire, its strengthening force. Love emboldens the heart and Love empowers the heart, because the heart is designed for Love, just like our lungs are designed for oxygen. We need to give them what they need, and in abundance, so they can be strong and healthy.

When our heart is relaxed and strong, when the fire of Love is burning brightly within it, our entire being is radiant. Love’s warmth and energy flood our body, and its light illuminates our mind. Our state of consciousness becomes very expansive because, in a very literal way, as our light is shining brighter, it reaches out further.

Our awareness radiates out and merges with the energy and the intelligence of the universe, and we no longer experience ourselves as separate from it. We no longer feel disconnected from everything, from life, from ourselves; we feel deeply connected and unified within.

This occurs because our energy, our light, our attention is no longer divided into a state of dualism through thinking. Thinking creates a dualistic perception of the world, where we see good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark etc. However, when our energy does not go into thinking, it instead creates a unified and whole experience for us through our heart. This is Love.

The fire of Loving consciousness is fuelled by our awareness being within our heart – and therefore we are feeling our heart. It is fuelled by the oxygen which we breathe in deeply, which fans the flames of its fire and creates greater consciousness, greater inner-awareness, greater light, greater passion and strength in our heart.

All we truly need to do is set the heart free from its tension, give it space to expand, and give it our full attention. In response, it will project and create for us a reality of total peace, total security and total beauty. A reality of such profound depth and fulfilment that we cannot imagine. This is the Reality of Love, and it awaits us now, as our heart awaits our attention.

Thank you,


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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